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After Years Of Infertility And Pain

06 October 2012 - 11:26 AM

Hi everyone, I'm new here and undiagnosed. Gee, where do I start? I will try to summarize where I can to make for less reading.

I have been married for 10 years, 36 years old. I was engaged at 19 to someone else for two years and never used birth control, never pregnant. I have never used any birth control and have never been pregnant (past four weeks), but have had three chemical pregnancies with my husband.

At the age of 21 I was diagnosed with a minimal case of Endometriosis. No blockages, everything normal, but a very minimal case. Three years ago I had another surgery confirming again the presence of minimal Endometriosis. I have had 3 failed IVF cycles, in two cycles many eggs but only one embryo to replace, growth was arrested. Last cycle at 33 years old, no mature eggs, cycle canceled. Advised to use Donor Eggs.

From the age of 16 I developed allergies along with painful menstrual cycles. At the age of 19 I remember going to the Dr. complaining about pain in my knees as I walked up or down stairs. From the age of 21 I would sit behind my desk at work counting the minutes to go home to be able to release the built up gas in my belly, day after day, not knowing where this was coming from. Eventually I accepted that this was just a part of aging. I accepted IBS, or "need to strengthen my muscles around my joints". But as I continued to age and pile on the complaints, watching them dismissed one by one by doctors, I started to think I had an autoimmune problem and that all of these things happening to me were not just coincidence, aging, or normal aches and pains, but that they are all connected and related to a single autoimmune problem.

My complaints got much worse throughout the years and are as follows:
Allergies (cat, grass, trees, dust, idk... air
Unexplained Infertility (even with Endo diagnosis, I stumped doctors because I had such a minimal case)
Joint pain & swelling
Extreme water retention (didn't matter how much water I drank or reduced salt, I swelled. Fingers and ankles as if I was 9 months preg or kidney failure)
Every day would be a surprise what kind of BM I would have. Runny: Check. Stopped up: Check. Normal: NEVER
Constant gas pains
Depression. This is situational as well, but I will explain later...
Sensitive pressure points: I thought myself that it was strange that it would hurt when my husband would jokingly poke me and I would bruise. This is strange. Certain points with the smallest bit of pressure were very painful.
Tingling in my fingers (especially when waking up after sleeping) and feet. Very strange tingling/ burning/ pins and needles. Very disturbing.
Wow, I could go on with this list as there is a lot more, but I won't. I've made my point.

Finally, after having enough and the Dr.'s not doing anything, I went on an angry hunt on the internet. I found one culprit for many of my complaints. A common factor: GLUTEN. So I removed it. I tried a 30 day gluten-free diet. WOW! EVERYTHING, and I mean EVERYTHING went away!!! Within 3 days the tingling stopped and I started having normal BM's. My energy came back (FINALLY!) Within a week, I had no aches or pains in my joints! I really couldn't believe the difference! I noticed so many changes I was convinced. My mood was normal again, no extra sleeping (DEPRESSION LIFTED!) Yes, I have had to deal with a lot of crap that would justify depression, okay, but the big heavy cloud was just gone. GONE. And my energy, normal ME was back!

After 30 days gluten-free, I played around with gluten to see what would happen. Lo and behold, I got joint pains and allergies back right away. Tingling came back, and actually all symptoms came back the more gluten I introduced. I also had symptoms leave the weeks or days I left gluten out. All in all, this experiment lasted three months. The most amazing thing I accomplished in the last month: Pregnancy. I miscarried at 4 1/2 weeks. Many women would say that was nothing. For me, a positive pregnancy test was everything. I also have a very non-bloody picture of "something" the size of a pomegranate seed, raw chicken/ flesh like, little tiny veins and a confirmation from a doctor that it indeed was an early miscarriage. Strange though that it seemed bigger than it should have at 4 1/2 weeks. So who knows how far along I really was.

I have had the Celiac blood screening test and it was negative. (not a shock as most gluten was already removed) I have an appointment for an immunologist to do further testing.

I am convinced, not that I am a Celiac, but that I do have a significant gluten sensitivity. I would like to know if after reading what I have provided if others might agree. My body says yes, but even my husband thinks it could be a placebo effect. Funny, that's what a lot of Doctors told me for years before they found the Endometriosis. (It's all in my head). HA!

Thanks for any comments. I only hope that "SOMEONE" out there may Google something and find this post and recognize something in it so that they can be saved years of wondering and maybe come closer to an answer for their problems.

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