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Member Since 06 Oct 2012
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#844985 What Do You Want To Tell Your Friends And Family About Living Gluten Free?

Posted by on 26 December 2012 - 02:22 PM

:D Had to start this with a smily! Hang in there with the gluten-free foods--it takes time (and talking here) to get a clear understanding of how *your* own person gut words!!!!

AND, Welcome!!!.. ask questions ... add thoughts.... comments.... (and for sure use the emoticons!...they truly help you express your feelings!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:
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#842057 I Can't Take It Anymore - Please Help!

Posted by on 10 December 2012 - 10:05 AM

Hi smplash! Welcome and glad you are here! Keep checking in when you can! It helps to get the constant support and care that this forum gives to all of it's members! :)

It's hard to believe, but 2.5 weeks is a short time. Remember how long you have been eating gluten stuff.... I am sooooooo sorry you are so ill. I did not see any protein on your list. Do you have any chicken or eggs to eat? Eggs are usually tolerated pretty well--especially poached!

Please take it easy on yourself! :rolleyes: You are *not* a horrible parent!!! :D Just a parent who is ill--and when I am sick I prefer to be in bed too! (I bet your daughter does too, yes?) :D

But, you cannot give up eating! It takes energy to cook--but once I get some protein in me, I usually feel better! Rice (I would start with white rice) can be tasty too. I do not use any spices--not even salt. I can use some pepper--but not at first! I still stay away from processed foods (i.e. canned soup)...there are many ingredients that we don't know about in many of those cans! :D

Are you eating milk or dairy? Many people find that they are on the "no list" too... Surprisingly, many (but not all) gluten-free folks find they are able to handle chicken or beef. Some broth can help with naseau. (sp?)

And Julieabove, may also be correct in that you have "caught" a bug--either way, Drink water! :P Broth :P Mild protein-eggs? :P

Keep a list of foods you *can* eat--and make a "safe food list". Mine is right on top of my kitchen counter! Still !!! ;) Just to remind me of the foods I can eat.... Keep talking--Keep eating what you can--And Hang in there...it does get better!!! :) :) Hugs to you!
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#832456 Fear Of Food

Posted by on 25 October 2012 - 12:42 PM

gluten-free Lover,

My thoughts are with you more than you know...I too (and many others on this wonderful forum) have fears about eating. For me, I know that it took my hubby putting food in front of me for awhile to eat :( Sad but true. I still get "scared" to eat sometimes.

You have alrady gotten some *great* advice--So I'll just share some thoughts :P

The one thing I did was make a "safe list" for me...The foods that I was "sure" I could eat and not have a physical reaction to them. You mention some positive things you are doing! Keep the positive things going! :)

Soda does give you calories. Unfortunately, soda does not give you nutrition. That is what food is to our bodies--the "gas" that runs our bodies. Without nutrition, we run out of thinking power, get depressed, irritable, jittery, and *many more things*... For me, I think of food as nutrition. (I do not like meds either, but accept them when needed). The thing with food, is it is not a medication that you can "quit taking". We need nutrition every day--several times a day.

Nutrition means we must eat. It is What we eat that we can control! With that control, we can choose healthy foods, and more foods a bit at a time slowly but surely. Fear is our biggest enemy. It makes us feel weak, powerless, and helpless. Eat bites often--of the food that is safe for your body! :D Often, Often, Often!!! :) Sips of the smoothies. And scrambled eggs are wonderful and full of protein!

I too, want to give you a big hug...and encourage you to keep talking here. And, yes, keep tastes of nutrition around you! :D

I have found more support here than I can imagine!
Welcome to this amazing forum! :D
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#829519 How Long Does Healing Take! So Frustrated!

Posted by on 13 October 2012 - 11:00 AM

Hi Maryw88!

I too have some similar issues as you do. GottaSki gave you some great "starter advice". :D

I am still a Newbie here, but have found amazing information! For me, I stick with vegatables and "freshly cooked" meats that I make--restaurants are a scarey place for me still! :D

I also have severe food allergies--and I agree with ?? (darn, who said that info?)to watch out for allergic reactions! The mouth tingling is a definite signal to me. I too avoid milk and nuts!

Maybe try thinking of it this way...with the money you save on not buying "poison foods" (my name for the foods I can't eat :) you can afford to buy an extra steak--and then you will have "leftovers" to eat the next day! Imagine that! You get to eat steak more often. Yum! :P

Hang in there and keep using this amazing site! You will get more information and support than you can believe!!! :D

Hi all,

I am so fed up. I am trying to be patient but I don't know what to do. I went VERY gluten free about 1 month ago but have been gluten light for 1 1/2 years (I thought I was gluten-free....I didn't know better). So, I haven't been 100% gluten-free for very long. I also figured out about 6 months ago I react to soy, and 2 months ago I react to caesin. I also have a problem with nightshades, vinegar, beans, corn, rice, quinoa. EVERYTHING! I seem to do ok with many leafy veggies and fruits. Red meat, fish, and shellfish. Thats about it.

I am currently trying to do the GAPS diet and am even reacting with that. Apparently chicken and chicken broth are intolerances as well. I can't handle the 1 tsp. of fermented veggie juice. I get D with that too. I have no idea what to do. This diet is terrible and not actually helping.

I have terrible stomach pains, burning pains. alternating C and D depending on the food. I get tingling and numbness in my mouth and arms if I eat an offending food. I can't afford to continue the intro to GAPS honestly and its not helping.

SO, what to do!? Do I just need to be more patient. How long did it take for those of you with similar issues to see changes? I really don't want to do GAPS or SCD. They are miserable and ineffective for me. Is it related to stress? I feel like I am so focused and stressed about all food. Any ideas or suggestions are welcome. I honestly do not know what I would do without this forum. It has been so nice to see others making this work and reading about your experiences.

Thanks everyone

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#829515 Help! I Am Overwhelmed!

Posted by on 13 October 2012 - 10:36 AM

Welcome LolaB!

I found this site recently as well! You are in the right and safe place! The advice is phenomonal! And best of all, you will find support, understanding, compassion and (my personal favorite) humor! Which also helps as you work your way through "the mire" that most of us feel at the beginning!

I too went through a stage of "starving"--which I was both because I did not know what to eat and I was not eating often enough. You have already gotten some great info given to you! For me, I keep "safe snacks" around me. As you know, we are all different (and yet similar) with the foods we can eat. For me, I wa "desperately" hungry and on a road trip. I did not pack any snacks--but I *had to eat*!!! So my hubby found a grocery store, and I picked up Boar's Head low salt, no gluten etc. turkey and some "plain" (no flavored) rice cakes. I ate them, and found it filled me up. I was back to my "happy" place! :D

When I branched out and tried the flavored rice cakes, I had trouble! So, just sharing some info that helped me--

I too am still a Newbie here, but I have found more information and support than I could ever imagine!

A hearty Welcome to You! :D

Well, after close to 25 years struggling with terrible stomach pains, diarrhea, bloating, heartburn, gas pains, fatigue, muscle aches, always feeling just “ok”, no energy, always looking for the closest washroom if out with friends or family, anxiety when I traveled, days with horrible headaches and nausea, diarrhea …... believe me the list goes on ….......... constantly going to my family doctor only to be told “reduce stress” or “more fiber” and yes “IBS” I knew I couldn't continue living and trying to function every day like this. People without stomach issues really have no idea how debilitating or stressful it can be, never knowing if you are going to be ok today or spend time in the washroom. I felt very alone and sick and tired of being sick and tired! And if I had to hear “more fiber" one more time I would scream! To make things worse, I was actually eating natural Quaker oats every morning, learning afterwards they were doing more harm than good! So much for my healthy breakfasts! After pushing my Doctor I found an amazing Gastrologist through my brothers girlfriend who has Crohn's disease for her whole life, I met him and he booked me in two weeks later for a colonoscopy/endoscopy and for the first time I believed I was not crazy and he cared. Even after years of seeing other specialists who told me I needed my gallbladder out, which I did, and still feeling horrible, weight loss and depression of why I can’t feel awesome! I am 38 years old now, and feeling very overwhelmed with this and going through lots of emotions dealing with this diagnosis. I am grateful for my wonderful husband and supportive family who sighs a relief that I have answers. I still need to meet with my family doctor for my blood work to see any deficiencies.......................I guess I am looking for friends in this forum to know I am not alone … 2 weeks Gluten free and starving!.......... any advice? thanks so much

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#827923 Newly Diagnosed with Questions

Posted by on 06 October 2012 - 04:58 PM

This is my third attempt at posting here. My first one just sounded pathetic. My second one soundeded lame. I will see if this post can say what I am wanting to say. :)

I am highly allergic to gluten and nuts. I instantly went into Denial and ate everything I could with gluten and peanuts in it. This was a very bad idea. I reacted strongly and got very sick in multiple ways. The positive note is that I quickly accepted that I cannot eat gluten or nuts! I also found that I cannot eat chocolate :(

I have been on Prednasone for two months now. I am beginning to wean off slowly. In about another month I should be off of it. I really do not want to be on the Prednasone, but being off scares me too. I know this makes no sense, but it is true.

I also get afraid to eat. Is this normal? (I do not have an "eating disorder")

It just seems like I react to foods that I thought were OK. My doctor mentioned that I may be reacting to "fermentation". I really do not know what that means!?!? He wants to test me for that when I am off the Prednasone.

I cried after my first attempt to post--It is the first time I have cried since finding this information out. I find this to be pathetic too. Especially when I see all of the positive posts and the foods that I *can* eat! Perhaps this is part of the process of figuring this all out, yes?

Anyway, this is a great site--and I am sure that I will be utilizing the site often! Thanks to all who have shared there experiences and found foods that we can eat!
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