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Member Since 06 Oct 2012
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Chemical Testing For Allergies--Uck--A Rant.

04 January 2013 - 10:21 AM

Hello my GFF's!

Throughout the holidays, I stayed gluten-free-- and only had my "usual" rashes. Better than before with no gluten, peanuts, citrus, etc.... Enough said about that... Here is my rant though :wacko:

I went to my Allergist yesterday. He was adamant that I take all of the chemical tests. I repeatedly told him that I was very afraid of having a severe reaction. He stated that children as well as people in their 90's do the test--I did not need to be worried. :huh: Now, I know that I have chemical allergies--because I have already self-tested i.e. the primary hair dye, and formaldehyde. He stated that I needed to do them ASAP--meaning that day...I was not prepared to do them--(for those who have followed in the past-I decided to *not* do the chemical testing on New Years Eve. I felt good about that decision.

He was very unhappy about it. I then told him about a rash on my ears that does not go away. My ears get very red, scaley, itchy and I constantly put lotion on them. I thought about what I most often have around my ears--hair (gluten-free shampoo/conditioner), cell phone--Hmmmmmm :ph34r: So I brought it up to him. Showed him my phone--and he stated that I was allergic to rubber (the case around the cell phone is made of rubber). Sure enough, right where the rubber case touches my ears is where the "itching ick" is. He gave me three handouts--because there are 3 types of rubber that people can be allergic to. He said to take off the case--(Duh <_< I think I figured that out by this point in the conversation).

He then repeated that I needed to do the chemical tests. And said to call him when I was ready to do the tests. He tried to be kind--but then gave me a spray for my nose (again) because it is "stuffy". He also said to get rid of my 3 cats--as I am allergic. I am aware of being allergic to them--but they are very old--and will be "passing soon enough" without me doing it now. He was not understanding of this issue.

He said he would see me soon. I get to the front desk, and he wanted a follow-up appt in TWO MONTHS! I almost fainted. I walked in with rashes on my arms--back--ears--but his message was clear. He basically was not going to "treat" me regularly until I did his freeeeeeking chemical test! :angry:

Aaaacchhhh! So I left his office crying--and feeling very helpless. Frantic. Does anyone have any feedback to give me? I am feeling kind of depressed :ph34r:

So I am editing a bit more...since rubber of the most common kind (i.e. cell phone case) also means all elastic, headphones, rubber bands, .... Now, this is kind of personal--but what kind of under-garments do *not* have elastic in them???? Where the elastic is in the garments is also where I have rashes. :( Any ideas about this problemo? Going without is not an option :blink:

Newly Diagnosed with Questions

06 October 2012 - 04:58 PM

This is my third attempt at posting here. My first one just sounded pathetic. My second one soundeded lame. I will see if this post can say what I am wanting to say. :)

I am highly allergic to gluten and nuts. I instantly went into Denial and ate everything I could with gluten and peanuts in it. This was a very bad idea. I reacted strongly and got very sick in multiple ways. The positive note is that I quickly accepted that I cannot eat gluten or nuts! I also found that I cannot eat chocolate :(

I have been on Prednasone for two months now. I am beginning to wean off slowly. In about another month I should be off of it. I really do not want to be on the Prednasone, but being off scares me too. I know this makes no sense, but it is true.

I also get afraid to eat. Is this normal? (I do not have an "eating disorder")

It just seems like I react to foods that I thought were OK. My doctor mentioned that I may be reacting to "fermentation". I really do not know what that means!?!? He wants to test me for that when I am off the Prednasone.

I cried after my first attempt to post--It is the first time I have cried since finding this information out. I find this to be pathetic too. Especially when I see all of the positive posts and the foods that I *can* eat! Perhaps this is part of the process of figuring this all out, yes?

Anyway, this is a great site--and I am sure that I will be utilizing the site often! Thanks to all who have shared there experiences and found foods that we can eat!

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