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In Topic: Am I Going Crazy?

24 September 2013 - 11:25 AM

It could be something as simple as one of the family "double dipping" in the mayo or what have you, when they make a sandwich. They might not want to mention it because they don't think it would hurt, and "Mom's already emotional enough". Or it could be kissing your husband after he eats a sandwich. Or the kids after they have been eating gluten.


And psoriasis IS a symptom of celiac. I know. I have it, and after going gluten-free it went away. It comes back if I've been glutened.

Well now i will have to investigate farther because whatever it is i need to find it and get rid of it. Thanks for all the advice. I have the psorasis too...i know she will eventually diagnosed with celiac but of course when the blood work came back negative her doctor and dad both just looked at me like i was crazy.

In Topic: Am I Going Crazy?

24 September 2013 - 09:29 AM

I'm adding my two cents -- I think you're getting a small amount of gluten.  How's your daughter doing?  Is she having symptoms too?  



My daughter gets a lot of stomach aches and she has psorasis...but i had her blood work done and they found nothing. Now at my house pretty much every one eats gluten free with out realizing it because i do the cooking...unless they go and make themselves a sandwich or something. I do not make them eat gluten free but if they are eating what i am cooking its gluten free whether they realize it or not. But at her dad's its all kinds of bread and pasta and i feel that there is an issue there but my ex doesnt believe it but thats a whole other issue lol.

In Topic: Am I Going Crazy?

24 September 2013 - 09:24 AM

sounds like you are still getting gluten from somewhere?  maybe not every day, but just enough to keep you messed up.  before i was diagnosed, i would just fall down.  for no reason.  or just drop stuff, my muscles were out of my control.  and gluten makes me sad and crazy....... 


that being said:  sweetie, have you gone to the doctor in case you really do need some help?  i would look around and find somebody who understands that gluten can affect your nervous system.   how much "me" time do you get?  can you get some time alone when you feel down and maybe take a walk in the woods or something?  it sounds like you have a wonderful husband who loves you lots :)  so, maybe some ;);)  - you know, get some - can't hurt and it boosts all your good chemicals in your brain :)


i hope you feel better ((((HUGS)))))



I haven't been to the doctors because my husband currently started a new job and we unfortuanately are waiting for insurance to kick in. When I get time alone is the worst because that's when I become a complete basket case lol. It is now hunting season so my husband is gone a little bit more and every other weekends  our kids go to their other parents so I am all alone every other saturday for most of the day which i thought would be great ...ummmm NO. I get upset with my husband about not spending time with me. I make plans and then back out on my friends because I am too tired or just don't feel like it. My husband spends pretty much all of his time outside of work with me except for this one day every other week. SO he deserves it. This is his hobby and its what makes him happy. Sometimes i feel like when I am all emotional it's like a complete out of body experience but then i'll snap out of it and be fine and happy and in a great mood. I really dont get it. I know i sound crazy when i talk about it but i don't feel crazy i just feel like there is something off and i cant figure out how to fix it.

In Topic: Am I Going Crazy?

24 September 2013 - 08:43 AM

I will check around maybe I am missing something....The only symptoms I am experienceing right now. Is extreme fatigue which i have just grown to be used to, the crazy emotions, the stuttering and slurring speach, clumsy, the brain fog, and i guess i have been getting migranes lately just the past couple of days tho. You know it's one thing that i notice it but when my husband comes to me and says i think there is something wrong your emotions are a little out of control it really bothers me. He is the sweetest man and would do anything for me to make me feel better but he is worried which of course makes me even more emotional lol. UGH this is getting over whelming

In Topic: Why Am I So Sad?

24 September 2013 - 08:35 AM

So when I first became a member on here whenever someone would post on my topic I would get an email. I didn't realize that didn't happen anymore after two months I just thought no one responded to me. So I am so sorry I never answered any of you. I actually just put a new topic on yesterday because all of these problems are still bothering me but I feel like the emotional problems are getting worse adn I have had gluten in months. I'm an emotional basket case and my husband is starting to get worried that it's something more then just the Celiac. I am starting to think I need some medication or something. UGH!!!

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