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Topics I've Started

Am I Going Crazy?

23 September 2013 - 01:59 PM

Hey everyone-


I am starting to feel like I am seriously going crazy? I have been diagnosed with celiac disease a year ago and after some struggle I  seem to be doing great with my gluten free diet now. It is so nice not to go through a day without feeling sick to my stomach anymore. BUT i am having some other issues and I'm hoping someone can give me some advice on if this has something to do with having celiac or if I'm going crazy. I am 27 years old I just got married we have three kids. My life is not overly stressful. I think I live a pretty happy life. But I will cry at the drop of a dime if someone looks at me wrong somedays? I am OVERLY emotional, I am starting to stutter when I speak to people I don't know or if I am nervous about something. I can remember things that happened 3 years ago but have a hard time remembering conversations i had 2 days ago and its getting progressively worse. I just feel like I am off and I can't explain it to anyone with out sounding like a mental case. Does anyone else suffer from any of these symptoms, Please Help

Why Am I So Sad?

29 July 2013 - 01:31 PM

So i was glutened by accident.....I should of known not to touch anything at the family reunion camping trip. Anyways i got my normal symptoms....stomach pain, the big D, itchy, fatigue etc. But now for the last 2 days i am unbelievable clumsy...running in to everything, dropping all kinds of things, falling. I am a mess. On top of that im super sad and feel like i am in a fog. It's driving me nuts. I was trying to do my normal job today and i got so over whelmed i had to walk away. I have cried about anything and everything today. I feel like i am losing it. My husband just keeps asking me if I am ok because he has no idea what to do either. Is this related to the accidental gluten intake? if so, does it last long??? if not, is something else wrong with me???i mean i have always been kind fo clumsy but not this bad. This is horrible. Any advice would be great.


18 June 2013 - 09:38 AM

so I have been doing pretty well since being diagnosed with Celiac and following a gluten free lifestyle. It has been a relief since i was sick for years and could never figure out why. About a month ago i came across Gluten Cutter pills in my local pharmacy. I tried them out over my honey moon last month and they worked great. It was nice to be able to eat something i havne't been able to in months and thought maybe once in awhile when i wanted to cheat i could take a couple. i still got itchy after eating something i wasnt suppose to but never any stomach problems or any other issues. well here i am a month later and went camping with my children and husband last weekend and decided to take a couple pills and enjoy 1 s'more with my kids. The next day i woke up super itchy and covered in 30-40 bruises over both my legs, my joints are aching and i have been extremely tired for the last couple days. Could this be a reaction to the gluten or should i worry this is being cause by soemthing else?

7Yr Old Gluten Free

25 October 2012 - 09:56 AM

So I was recently diagnosed with Celiac Disease so I had my 7 year old daughter tested due to some symptoms she has been showing. Her blood work came back normal. Her pediatrician of course said we can't be 100% sure she doesn't have this if we don't do the biopsy. She is 7 I don't want to put her thru that. The blood work was traumatic enough. Her doctor suggested we try a gluten free diet to see if any of her symptoms clear up instead. I am not stressed about it since i am gluten free. Her dad on the other hand had never had to deal with it. She spends 50% of time with me and 50% with him. So i nned to educate him on this life style. Any suggestions on some of the most important basic knowledge i should share with him? I have printed him off a bunch of paperwork but I just want to make him understand. Please Help. Thank You

Is Celiac A Possibilty?

08 October 2012 - 01:38 PM

I am 26 years old and i have had stomach problems for as long as i can remember. I remember as a child my mom taking me to the doctors at first i was taken off of dairy products, then all fried foods. Then we were told i had IBS. Then my parents were told it must be because of stress and was then taken to a counselor. After all of these failed attempts we just quit going to the doctors and for a most of my teenage years it seemed to go away. Maybe not completely but i didn't complain of a stomach ache every day. Now my mom started having horrible stomach issues and at that point she was sick of not getting any answers for her self so she settled on a very strict diet of meat and vegtables only and still does til this day because it made all her problems go away. After my first child i started having the stomach issues again. Sick after every meal. diahrrea for weeks straight, horrible abdominal pains. I began to get depressed because I didn't want to go out with my friends because i was scared I was going to have to go to the bathroom. I started gaining weight like crazy and to be honest I havent stopped i am 5'2 and weigh 197lbs. Not healthy. I learned to just deal with my problems for years. It wasn't until one day about 6 months ago i heard someone talking about a gluten intolerence on the radio and everything this person said was how i felt so i began avoiding gluten. I felt way better and the rashes on my elbows that i had for years started clearing up. After a few months I fell off the wagon. I love food. I love pasta and pizza and bread I couldn't avoid it any longer. For the first few weeks I still felt ok so i thought maybe I was wrong in avoiding it. Then all of a sudden it hit like a ton of bricks I was sick again and this time not only did I have stomach problems but My joints started aching and popping constantly, i started getting bad headaches. I just thought OK here we go again and i became very unhappy. Well about a month ago i noticed that my now 7 year old daughter started getting itchy rashes on her body and she has been starting to complain about her stomach after every meal. I went last week to finally talk to a doctor. I don't want my daughter to go thru what I went thru. My doctor did blood work on me and brought up the possibility of celiac disease. I go tomorrow to get the results. I do not know a lot about this disease because to be quite honest i never even heard of it until my doctor brought it up last week. I was just curious if anyone has had a similar expereince? Here is a list of my symptoms- Diahrrea, abdominal pains, extreme fatigue, hair loss, itchy skin rashes on my elbow, alot of pain and popping in my joints, weak nails, depression, migranes...and words of wisdom or advice would help. Like i said I am 26 years old and somtimes when I get out of bed i feel like I'm 80. Thank you for taking the time to read this =)

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