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Rice Flour..any Problems With Off Brands?

30 August 2013 - 06:39 AM

Ive been on an elimination diet for the past two weeks and have been doing really well but recently made a new batch of kimchi( fermented cabbage- a korean recipe). Well this new recipe called for a couple tablespoons of rice flour.My first mistake was going to an asian market to purchase this as it was harder to make out whether it was gluten free or not, but from what I can tell and have googled it looks like it should be gluten free.The ingredients said  it was refined from 100 percent rice.The thing is immediately after eating it I reacted pretty severely and being on an elimination diet makes it easier to pinpoint what it was. This is the only thing it could have been that was even remotely processed.Ive looked it up and I know theres still a small chance of cross contmamination in rice powder although that still seems low, but I cant tell even exactly where it came from either Vietnam or Los Angeles so who knows where its been and what process its been through.Im learning and wont make this mistake again! Anyways, has anyone else had this problem or used Bobs Red Mill rice powder with success?Thanks!

Please Help Me Figure This Out!generic Pedialyte

13 August 2013 - 06:13 AM

 I have been feeling a bit dehydrated (although I drink quite a bit of water)so I decided to get a bottle of  kroger brand generic pedialyte.I paused considering the named brand because I knew it was gluten free but looked at the ingredients and they all looked almost exactly the same, key word was almost I guess. Well minutes after drinking it I got the old familar ache beginning in my stomache and shrugged it off hoping against hope it wasnt what I thought it was. Over the next hour it grew into one of the most violent reactions Ive ever had.I ended up throwing up it was so bad and am sicker than I have been in a while today with all the familiar glutening symptoms.


I called the company just to reafirm and while she said it doesnt explicitely state gluten free it had absoluetly no allergens listed and she said it must be gluten free.Well then what did I react to? I know dextrose can come from corn or wheat but have read that it is refined so much that there is none left. The only other thing I ate with it was hersheys dark chocolate and Ive never had that happen with dark chocolate before. I am 99.9 certain it was something in the generic pedialyte. I have been having  a hard time lately even with being 100 percent gluten free so it may have something else in it I suppose that Im reacting to. I need to find out what it was because it might give me a clue as to whats been going on with me as far as new sensitivities. However, I find it SO hard to believe that it wasnt some sort of wheat glutening cause as far as reactions go it was by far one of the very worst I have ever had.


Here is a list of ingredients in the generic Kroger brand. Can someone please help me figure out what I could possibly have reacted to, this is hell not knowing and then being told it had no allergens listed was shocking!Thanks all, any clues will be appreciated as I think I also do have leaky gut....


Water, Dextrose,Citric Acid,Pottassium Citrate,Sodium Chloride,Sodium Citrate, Acesulfame Potassium, Artificial Grape Flavor,Zinc Gluconate,Sucralose,FD&C Red #40,FD&C Blue #1

Nicotine Gum For Gluten Symptoms.. Am I Crazy?

08 August 2013 - 02:50 PM

Okay what I’m about to ask is probably does sound a bit crazy or at least desperate but has anyone ever used nicotine products to control their celiac/gluten sensitivity symptoms? After quitting smoking a few years back I began having some pretty severe issues with gluten. I went on the gluten free diet so I was never able to obtain a diagnosis but every time I accidentally get glutened, some of my worst symptoms are severe depression and anxiety. I also immediately get this ball of acid in my esophagus and stomache and hardly feel like eating at first, which is then followed by days of wanting to eat like a horse and can never get satisfied.


One particularly bad episode I guess I just wanted to make myself feel better in any way I could and had a brief relapse with smoking. Oddly enough, my symptoms mysteriously all went away. Of course I didn’t want to go back to smoking so I quit with the help of nicotine gum. Again I began noticing that if I got glutened and chewed a piece of nicotine gum that my symptoms were again drastically reduced and I’m not just saying this as an excuse to keep ingesting nicotine, it really works for me, it just about takes it all away.


Long story short, I gave up the gum as well because I also didn’t want to get addicted to that but have since continued to suffer many bouts of mysterious glutenings that is making my quality of life terrible. It is also driving the people around me insane as I am always battling the fatigue, acid, depression and anxiety. Out of desperation I went and got some more nicotine gum and have found that once again it drastically cuts my symptoms down at by least 75 percent, maybe more at times. While I know this is not healthy and not the best  method of coping I am struggling between weighing the cost/ benefit of being able to live a somewhat normal life with the gum, as opposed to feeling like total crap when these accidental glutenings happen.


I know there have been several studies done on Celiac, Chrons and IBS using nicotine as a replacement aid and that in some people nicotine was in fact found to ease these symptoms. I only plan on chewing it if I accidentally get glutened but know that can be a tricky slope as well. What are your thoughts on this? I know the best case scenario is not to ingest gluten, and I was doing fine for the past two years until recently it seems I have gotten more sensitive than ever. I haven’t been eating gluten and try to avoid cross contamination so although this might sound crazy I am desperate as the symptoms are just crushing me. Just when it seems I’m getting better again, I get sick yet again. Any thoughts on this are appreciated!

Need Help, Just Keep Getting Sicker It Seems

20 July 2013 - 03:58 AM

Hi everyone, Im new here but I know my story is one that has been heard many times over so Ill try to make this as short as possible.For quite some time I have known something was off with me until one time I bought a protein blend that was basically made out of gluten and  ended up in the ER and docs  a couple of times being checked for ulcers etc.After this protein blend so intensified my symptoms I was finally 99 percent sure what making me sick as I had suspected gluten before.


 I didnt have health insurance and didnt know to keep eating gluten for the test and so I cut out gluten and did really well for a while. The burning skin,knawing stomache and back pain, fatigue and acid reflux I thought was gone, however, every now and then some gluten would sneak in and to make a long story short it seemed that with every accidental glutening I have gotten more and more sensitive- to the freaking extreme to where I think I even started getting cross reactivity to anything that looks like gluten.


In desperation I have went on the gaps diet as I am almost certain I have leaky gut but to no avail. I now feel toxic and seem to be getting sicker and sicker. I keep this awful burning acid in the center of my chest, depression, anxiety, brain fog and this terrible pain between my shoulder blades.. and for the life of me I have been making all of my food in advance and know I have not been eating gluten.I do have a doc appointment in a week and a half but dont know how much thats going to help because Ive been gluten-free for about a year at least and cant imagine going back to eating gluten for any sort of a test.


I am hoping getting tested for leaky gut will be enough to give me  a solid connection. I have had blood tests for gluten that came back negative but then again I wasnt eating gluten at the time so that didnt surprise me or the doctor. I am just desperate because this feeling of depression and fatigue is just almost more that I can bear on a day in day out basis. Can anyone relate to this?It seems that nothing I am doing is helping for any length of time. Am I possibly missing something?Thanks all, any help would so be so appreciated.

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