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In Topic: Does Anybody Else Have These Symptoms?....

13 March 2013 - 03:33 PM

Like you had no thoughts at all, which would cause you to lose the ability to do anything and everything such as something simple like talking to someone?

In Topic: How Much Ocd?

11 October 2012 - 01:21 AM

By 'ravaged my brain' do you mean that it has caused neurological damage? If you are a Celiac who gets neurological damage from gluten, then the recommendations are different than for those who only get gut damage. Doctors are not certain how much neurological damage is reversible, so docs recommend that those who get neuro damage be more cautious in avoiding glutenings as each one has the potential to cause irreversible damage.

If you are not discussing neurological damage specifically, to be honest? I think a lot depends on how safe you feel, what seems to be working for you, and how you are affected by gluten. My father and brother are Celiacs who get gut pain for a few days after getting glutened. They are moderately careful, use shared equipment at home that has been washed in the washing machine, wash their hands before touching food but not at any other point during the meal, get gluten-free food at restaurants but don't talk with the waiters too much about it, and don't worry about gluten in their hygiene products unless it's made to be put on the lips, like chapstick. They do okay, get a mild glutening once every couple months maybe, but overall they would say they feel healthy and fine and this is working for them.

My daughter and I have more severe symptoms, including neurological, and our symptoms last for weeks, so we are much more cautious. We are extremely careful, have a gluten free household now (even the pet food), wash our hands before they touch our lips or our food, don't eat out anymore, and don't use products that contain gluten if they contact our hands or lips, like hand lotion or shampoo (washed off over the face). And even with that, we, too, get glutened, although less often than my father.

After my experience with my family, I'm firmly convinced that our caution level is an individual thing, because our reactions and sensitivity level seem to be individual, too. My father started out much less cautious and got sick a lot more, so he altered his behavior until he felt better. My brother started out less cautious and like my dad, he grew a bit more cautious until he felt better. Myself, and my daughter started out at my dad's new 'normal.' We had to get even more cautious than that before we started feeling better. In the end, it took a little time, patience, and trial and error to figure out what worked for all of us and gave us the physical health we were hoping for. But we got there.

It's pretty normal to feel a little freaked out at first, because you just look around and think: I can't even see this stupid gluten, how do I know it's not getting into my food and into me? That fades with time (kind of like my fear of scorpions when I moved to the SW, LOL). You realize that you CAN tell when you've eaten gluten, and you'll get better at figuring out what a reaction feels like, even a small one. Every day you eat gluten free, you'll be able to tell more how you're doing, how the diet is working, and how much care is needed for YOU. You might be able to relax a little, you might have to be more cautious, but you'll figure it out pretty quick. :-)

My brain is supposedly healthy based on all of the MRI's and what not, but I mean just neurological symptoms like you and your daughter

In Topic: How Much Ocd?

11 October 2012 - 01:17 AM

I wash hands very often.

But don't your hands get really dry and sore from washing so much?

In Topic: How Much Ocd?

11 October 2012 - 01:11 AM

:lol: ....but not to where one becomes paranoid that gluten "lurks " everywhere. That will just make us anxious and cause wrinkles (and who needs those?)

I guess I could be accused of being a tad on the OCD side myself, but it was long before I had to deal with being a gluten detective.

Some of us are just "particular" about the way we like things done and some of us are very "neat". I'll leave it at that. :)

As for brain function impairment, I suffered from it, too for 3 years (I refer to that time as "gluten head hell") and I can tell you, it does get better and better as you heal. My brain is functioning almost as well as it used to before I became ill from celiac.

(But I still cannot do anything involving algebra, geometry or trigonometry, so I did not suddenly become any more mathematically inclined either. It's why I married the hubs.)

You're doing fine! Hang in there.

Soon, this will be your "new normal" and you will not worry so much.

That's encouraging to hear :)

In Topic: How Much Ocd?

11 October 2012 - 01:09 AM

Gluten is one instance where you are encouraged to be OCD :lol:


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