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Andres Rosales

Member Since 10 Oct 2012
Offline Last Active Feb 01 2013 05:07 PM

Topics I've Started

Gluten-Free Thanksgiving

28 November 2012 - 11:53 PM

Hey everyone, I just wanted to post an update on me and my beloved.
I went to go see her and her family for about 5 days, over Thanksgiving day and weekend, and just got back yesterday. We had a very wonderful time together and she's healing up and finally feeling much better than she was : ) <3. Everything at Thanksgiving dinner and every other meal was completely gluten-free and she and her mother had also been experimenting a little with gluten-free baking also...and I got to try some gluten-free cereal haha. It all went very well. One aspect of the last night was somewhat humorous though.

Her brother had offered to take her and I out for ice cream or hot chocolate after we picked her up from work. We were planning on watching a movie back at their house after we got home, and had picked up some drinks for us. I'd gotten me and my beloved something to share since she usually doesn't snack or drink pop all that much. While we were in the restaurant, her brother got a giant order of fries and offered them to both of us; she refused for obvious reasons, and then I refused because of wanting to support her with it, and then also to avoid cross-contamination later, if she ended up drinking from the soda I got for us. Turns out, we shared it a lot! hahaha XD. It was an interesting first experience for me to have to be cautious about that and working together for her health. I'm sure it will be invaluable in the future, as well as a fond memory of caring for her and loving her in that way ^ _ ^ .

Thanks for everyone who's been offering advice and support to me and her in all of my posts! I look forward to sharing more about our journey through life with this and learning even more.

God Bless,
-Dré Rosales

Drinks That Are Okay.

12 October 2012 - 01:53 PM

I'm trying to start a gluten free diet and meeting with a lot of success. One thing I'm running into though, is lack of confidence in what I can drink. Is soda off limits? I myself don't have celiac but my beloved does and I'm trying to go gluten-free with her, to avoid future complications, and to make the transition easier for her as well. Also, would juice (the frozen canned kind one gets from a grocery store) be alright?

Wanting To Support My Beloved.

10 October 2012 - 04:37 PM

I just joined maybe 2 or 3 minutes ago. I joined because my beloved was diagnosed with Celiac TODAY. When I found out, I was really worried that her life may be in danger and all sorts of other things along those lines. I immediately began trying to find out as much as possible in terms of diet, symptoms, risks, lifestyle choices, and nearly every other aspect of her life that may be effected by this disease.

I'm sure my use of "beloved", in reference to the young woman I am courting, may have confused some people. We've decided to use this word to relate to each other by, because it is so different from the norm of today's society, and that's how we want our relationship to be; our "courtship" is a serious relationship, with the intention of marriage in a little under 2 years. We want the world to not see us for our age or the fact that we're together, but rather that we're two people growing to love each other, and wanting to do it right. That being said, I want to begin learning how to help her with this in any way I can, so that by the time we're married, it'll be second nature and it'll just be our way of life. It will also probably improve my own eating habits/diet, so it's probably in my best interest to begin learning about it right now anyways.

If anyone has information they think would be good for me to have as well, please share! I would be very happy to receive any advice from people who have already been traveling down the path which I've just begun walking towards.

Thank you all and God Bless,
-Andrés Rosales

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