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In Topic: Gluten Free Ground Turkey Without Natural Flavoring?

09 February 2014 - 08:47 AM

I forgot to mention… to avoid additives, and production cross contamination with gluten or ANY allergens…


I now grind my own turkey, and it's way easier than I thought.  


You will need a food processor, here's how:


- Cut Turkey (or any meat) into 1 inch cubes.

- Place cubes on plate/baking-sheet and pop in freezer for 20 minutes

- Take out of freezer, put small amount in food processor

- Pulse for 1 or 2 seconds repeatedly until your meat is ground

- Repeat with rest of meat, you may need to refreeze if it becomes soft

- Bingo, ground meat with no additives or cross-contamination


Hope this is useful to somebody  :D

In Topic: Gluten Free Ground Turkey Without Natural Flavoring?

09 February 2014 - 08:30 AM

I should have clarified in my long post above -- I have Celiac, but I'm ALSO allergic to dairy, soy, grains, nightshades, corn. I have to basically eat Paleo, and not by choice.  This has all happened in the last few years, like my immune system gradually just crapped out.


Back to Jenny-O… if you google, a lot of people have bad reactions to their Ground Turkey, and a lot of people also have problems getting a straight answer out of them about what's in the "natural" flavorings.  


Did you know some strawberry and raspberry flavorings are made from animal anal glands?  Which allows the manufacturer to label them as "natural"?  My point being… "natural" has no guidelines under current food labeling laws, and can mean many things.


Did you know manufacturers are not required to disclose soy as an ingredient if derived from certain seeds?  One manufacturer told me "FDA's Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act does not require these types of oils to be labeled as a soy allergen".  My point being… If you have ANY allergies you can't believe what you read on the package.


The "natural flavoring" of rosemary oil in Jenny-O Ground Turkey probably IS made from the oil of real, natural rosemary.  However there's probably other additives in the oil itself, to make the oil stay fresh, or stay stable, etc.  Manufacturers are NOT required to list this kind of thing, they can legally claim it to be "natural flavoring" and tell customers who ask that it's just Rosemary Oil.  


Make sense?  Not sure why I'm bothering, my intent was to be helpful but some folks on here do seem to get defensive.  I used to be able to eat Jenny-O Ground Turkey 3 or 4 years ago.  Now I react severely within minutes.  Maybe the Turkey is ground on non-dedicated equipment.  Maybe there are other additives in the oil.  Who knows.  I DO know Jenny-O are the most secretive of ANY of the many manufacturers I've contacted in 5 years.

In Topic: Gluten Free Ground Turkey Without Natural Flavoring?

31 December 2013 - 09:02 AM

I contacted Hormel, the manufacturer for "Jennie-O Ground Turkey".  I exchanged 5 emails with a "Consumer Response Specialist" who would not give me a straight answers to my questions about the "Natural Flavorings" listed on the packaging, and eventually refused to answer my questions.  
The problem is "Natural" has no legal meaning or weight, anyone can call anything "Natural", which is a minefield for people like me with medical food/chemical allergies.  I HAVE to ask, to be safe.  To date, in 5 years, Hormel is the first and only company ever to refuse the information I ask for.
Below are my emailed questions, and the responses verbatim:
1)  I asked "what specifically are in the "Natural Flavorings, and does it contain MSG"?  Response: "the natural flavoring is rosemary".  
2)  I then asked "it is just Rosemary oil, or dried herbs... are there other ingredients, and does it contain MSG? I have to ask due to medical food allergies"  The 4 word response: "It is rosemary extract".
3)  I asked "what else is in the rosemary extract" and "does it contain MSG?" and "I will never buy a product from a company that will not honestly disclose all ingredients."  The response: "I contacted our R & D department regarding the rosemary extract.  There is no Monosodium Glutamate in the extract."
4)  I replied: "Thank you for contacting your R&D department.  I will try one more time to ask my question... I will try caps… WHAT IS IN THE ROSEMARY EXTRACT? Specifically what ingredients?  Just Rosemary, or what else?  Thank you."
5)  The response: "I understand your question, NO CAPS NEEDED.  I'm sorry, I have provided you the information that I am able to. Jacki, Consumer Response Specialist, Hormel"
So I can confirm that Hormel refuses to disclose all the ingredients in their "Natural Flavorings", which is something I've read on many other message boards, but wanted to find out for myself by giving Hormel the opportunity to be honest about their ingredients.  They were not.  
Here is the problem -- "Rosemary Extract" sounds all nice and natural, but probably isn't.  What's in the oil?  What preservatives are included?  What other ingredients, then Rosemary are in this "extract"?
In the end -- I DID take a chance, and try "Jennie-O 99/1 Ground Turkey".  I got a migraine, tight chest, rash, and all my sinuses swelled shut so I couldn't breathe.  So there is definitely SOMETHING in there other than what Hormal refers to as "Natural".

In Topic: Is Cake Shortening Gluten Free?

20 March 2013 - 03:12 PM

I forget about the Cross Contamination issue frequently.  I think my brain tries to hang on to the way things were, even though I lived with severe Gluten reactions for years without knowing it.


I would never eat anything from a regular bakery either... but INSTINCT took over... and I licked that knife!   Mmmmm.... and stupid :-)

In Topic: Is Cake Shortening Gluten Free?

20 March 2013 - 10:41 AM

Oh... Cross Contamination... of course :-)

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