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In Topic: Is It Worth Seeing A Dietician?

15 May 2013 - 12:05 AM

Hi guys,

Thanks for the help - I am new to the forum and astounded by the speed and helpfulness of members on here!

I think you're both right and have sort of told me what I knew deep down - I need to get serious about gluten-free!

As I said - thought I was doing well going from a care-free teen who paid little attention to my diet to thinking about everything I eat. But I am now realising that it simply isnt good enough and need to take it more seriously. 

I think I'll see the dietician so that she can eliminate foods I thought were safe and give me a proper unsafe food list. Living in a sharehouse of young (and sometimes inconsiderate people!) will make the cross contamination issue a little harder but the toaster suggestion is a great idea.


I  guess the more I read into this - the more I am astounded at the ripple effects that eating the slightest bit of gluten has on a celiac - I guess its all a learning curve. 

Shadowicewolf: I have cut out dairy, except for the odd sprinkle of cheese on spaghetti etc but will see what the dietician thinks about cutting this out all together. 


On a side note - Got my blood test results back from the doc today:

- nutrient absorption was fine (iron, b12, folate etc)

- cholesterol fine

- no diabetes

only thing was that she said my liver good have been better - she said it wasn't overly concerning but a little high? (guessing that means the enzymes detected?)


Has anyone else found this before (I am not overweight and hardly drink alcohol).


Doc said she will test again in a couple of months. Anyway - having the bloods back normal was actually sorta disheartening because she didnt seem to think there was anything wrong with me but I KNOW i feel crappy! Will keep this post updated. 


Oh one last thing - has anyone found a detox helpful to really eliminate gluten? A few of my friends who have embarked on gluten-free diets (not due to celiacs) have started Isagenix - an all natural, gluten-free 30 day detox, and they are feeling amazing. Seeing as I cant get into the dietician for 2 months, thinking it might be worth a shot to cleanse the system. 


Cheers guys

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