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Member Since 17 Oct 2012
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Christmas Family Event. Beyond Frustrated

15 December 2012 - 10:23 AM

I apologize ahead of time for the length of this message. I just need to vent to some people who may actually understand.

My husband's family and us are taking a trip to the mountains the day after Christmas. Well a 'girlfriend' with children in the family has been less than accommodating with the preparation of meals. Everyone wanted everyone to eat the same meals together instead of different families making their own. My husband and 9 year old son have celiac disease and everyone was ' oh we can get together and figure it out so everyone is able to eat it. Well that was until my fake sister in law realized that she would have to do some work to make sure it was gluten free. She basically said that this trip wasn't about them and that everyone has medical issues and they would just have to learn to adjust and make some different for themselves if they couldn't eat what she made. She actually compared the situation to making her Spanish children eat something that isn't Spanish.

I don't know. I was fine with making our own meals but no one wanted to do that. Now I am the bad guy either way. If I say no we will just make our own I'm the bad guy ( I am trying not to let the parents know of this discussion) and if I go along I am going to look bad because it will look like I didn't discuss what was okay or not with her ( and guys. What I am talking about is a simple as what brand of hotdogs and what brand/ flavor of chips we will have- that is it. I will be buying my own butter mayo bread snacks and whatever... That is it but apparently that is centering the world around only them.). Now I have to spend four days with someone making cookies and all sorts of other things ( probably on purpose because that is her attitude) and my nine year old will just have to sit and watch ( I will have snacks and such for him but they will be nothing compared to what she may make). Any ideas advice or whatever to help me deal with the four days I will have to spend with her. If my son and hubs don't end up glutened I'll be surprised- there will be 13 other people there). I am sure they will hate it if my son and hubs always get to go through first. And will think we are over exaggerating when we have our own toaster, mayo, butter, and so forth.

I Am The Minority!

18 October 2012 - 03:36 PM

I am the minority in my household. My husband and son both have celiac disease. My husband had it for years ( he is also a type 1 diabetic) and he became really sick, lost 40lbs ( he only weighed 145 to start with) when they finally discovered it. He had gotten so bad, he was told to start the gluten free diet even before the endoscopy. Apparently , his intestines were some of the worst his doctor had ever seen.
At the doctor's request, we had our son checked for it at his 9 year physical, and three weeks ago, it was confirmed. He too has it and probably has for around three years. No symptoms -- healthy looking kid-- the ped GI didn't even think he would have it.... SURPRISE!!
I am glad I had a year to adjust to the diet, and I think it helped my son come to terms with it as well! He is so good. He knows pretty well what he can and can't have. He will ask if he doesn't know and he will just not eat if he feels there is any uncertainity( his after school provider told me this!!).
I am always worried about if we have gotten rid of it all ( soaps and other mon food items) and I am always concerned about all the bad things they are more prone to get because of this disease.
I am thankful this is something we can "fix". There are a lot worse things to have !
Is anyone else out there who is in the minority! I would love to have some others to turn to with questions or help if possible!
I just think it is kind of humorous. 1 in 133 people have it, but 2/3 in my house have it! How did we get so "lucky"? I wish we were this lucky with the lottery!!

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