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In Topic: Newly Gluten Free, Still Having Problems?

23 October 2012 - 05:41 PM

Are you sure there is no cross contamination? Did you totally clean out your kitchen? Get rid of anything that might have gluten on/in it? Wooden cutting board? Toaster? Tub of butter or margarine? Peanut butter, jelly, condiments? Do you have a shared kitchen?

And even if you did do these things, a week isn't a very long time. It can take a while for the damage to heal. Just try to keep your diet as clean as possible and for the time being eat only whole foods such as plain meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, brown rice, etc.

I share a kitchen with my husband. But we're very careful to not CC my food; Separate pans, utensils, counters.
I don't really eat PB, bread or jelly, and I bought all gluten-free condiments. I ate at Applebees on Sunday, but this pain is in my intestines. I know I could just be healing, so maybe is part of the process...

I eat a pretty whole foods diet, so I guess I'm doing all I can :)

In Topic: New To All Of This

21 October 2012 - 12:56 PM

Welcome DATY!

Glad you have been able to determine your body doesn't like gluten.

Were you gluten-free in the months before your blood tests were drawn? If so, they may be falsely negative - even gluten-lite can reduce the amount of antibodies measured in the celiac panel.

It is also possible that you have Non-Celiac Gluten Intolerance. NCGI has many of the same symptoms of Celiac Disease, but no antibodies are produced in reaction to gluten consumption. The only test for NCGI is the complete elimination of gluten. Take a look at the "Newbie 101" thread and ask questions with anything that you find confusing. The transition is very tough, but it does get easier with time and knowledge.

Good luck to you :)

thank you for the warm welcome! I'm still getting the hang of this forum..

I wish I had known about applebees infamous CC issues. I woke up feeling very ill and then it dawned on me :(

As for being gluten free before my test, I wasn't very strict... at all! teriyaki stir fry the Monday before my test and Diet coke (Carmel Coloring) the day before.
I also had no idea the many ways I was CC my body - spices, cooking pans, GV brand of food from WM.. :blink: I never even realized! so I'm pretty sure it'll come up positive.

I'm doing some research on the NCGI, thats very intersting! Never heard of it before.

I'm sure I'll be asking many many questions about my new life style, hopefully nobody minds!!

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