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In Topic: Gluten Free 1 Month, Questions

31 October 2012 - 04:06 AM

Is the villi destroyed in both Celiac and Leaky Gut, or only in Celiac? I'm trying to understand the difference in those types of terms.
PS: I'm getting emails for each reply. It says to configure this in my "control panel". Where exactly is that? I've messed with settings under Profile, Content and Settings, but am still getting the single emails. Where exactly is this control panel and what is the setting I change? Thanks.

In Topic: Gluten Free 1 Month, Questions

30 October 2012 - 06:14 PM

Thanks for the kind and helpful comments.
I'd included this in my post and am still trying to understand it:
"Although I never got stomach problems before from wheat, now that I'm "off" it, if I have a little bit somehow (like about 5 of Arby's curly fries must have had it), I BLOW UP (gas, etc.) Is this because my gut was all leaky before and the big molecules were just dropping through, messing me up but not causing discomfort? And now it does cause problems because the lining is smoother and the big particles can't just drop through like they used to?"

So what I'm trying to understand is how Leaky Gut is a separate circumstance from Celiac. The majority of people probably have Leaky Gut, right, and would benefit from gluten-free,( while a much smaller percentage of people have Celiac)?
I understand with Leaky gut, the big molecules go through to the blood stream, not digested enough, and can cause all sorts of problems. But with Celiac, do they a have this situation, but also the gluten does something MORE that causes additional/even more harmful health problems?
Hope I'm making myself clear - trying to understand what is the difference in the harm caused by gluten in Celiac beyond the Leaky Gut harm/consequences.

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