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Gluten Free 1 Month, Questions

28 October 2012 - 06:23 PM

Not sure where to begin...
I'm 57, had BC 3 yrs ago (Double Mastectomy, no Chemo or Radiation) and diagnosed with Lupus last year.
I tried gluten-free a couple of years ago (because so much cancer info I read suggested it) and lasted all of 11 days. During that time I felt HORRIBLE, flu like, but going to the bathroom seemed to be what it ought to be.
I began bioidentical hormone therapy with a top specialist in that field a few months ago and the depression (that accompanied the 20-25 hotflashes per day) is gone. This doctor said that if I had such a strong reaction when I tried gluten-free, it would probably benefit me to do it.
So, I'm here now at about a month. Some feeling sick about the 2nd week, but not as bad as the time before. However, although I never got stomach problems before from wheat, now that I'm "off" it, if I have a little bit somehow (like about 5 of Arby's curly fries must have had it), I BLOW UP (gas, etc.) Is this because my gut was all leaky before and the big molecules were just dropping through, messing me up but not causing discomfort? And now it does cause problems because the lining is smoother and the big particles can't just drop through like they used to?
I'd rather not mess with testing as we have a $5,000.00 deductible, this hormone specialist is costing a lot (out of pocket), and we just can't afford it. Does my situation sound like Celiac or just "leaky gut" that has probably resulted in poor absorbtion leading to the other health problems?
This diet IS a pain to me: I have two special needs girls whom I homeschool and it's hard to fit in all the cooking. My family will NOT eat gluten -free so it adds that much extra to do. I'm wanting regular buns on sandiches when I need to eat out, soft, fluffy rolls that are set on the table at a restaurant...I want to be in denial, I guess that this is what I need for my health.
I hope this is the place to post this. I spent a lot of time looking for a gluten-free support group for adults and was directed here . I could find no other online group for adults on Gluten Free that weren't labeled as for "Celiacs).
I live too far out in the boonies and am too busy to get to "local" groups.
I appreciate any help anyone can give me with my confusion.

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