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In Topic: Afraid Yet Optimistic, For My Husband

07 December 2012 - 07:19 PM

This is great news...most especially is your GI's analysis -- this is not common, but it should be.

Caution -- Non-Celiac Gluten Intolerance can be just as severe in the areas of cross-contamination. Your husband will likely know if he is sensitive to minute amounts of gluten after a solid 3-6 months gluten-free.

Congratulations on the good news...hang tough and check back in if you have questions or simply need to vent a bit.

yes, there is a reason I chose this particular doctor and there is a reason he was so difficult to get into. When the office offered for my husband to see another physician in the practice I refused, I said I would wait as long as it takes to get him in with this particular physician because I knew him from work and am a patient of his as well. I talk to a lot of GI doctors and this one has always impressed me with his knowledge base and view on medicine. He went through my husbands schedule and eating habits and made personalized reccomendations for his eating habits. I have been nagging my husband about his eating habits for years saying that it could be just that making him sick. When the doctor said everything that I have been saying for years, my husband actually listened and is following through. Eating breakfast, eating snacks throughout the day to keep from overeating at the end of the day, avoiding soda's, wheat, and dairy products, and most of all avoiding processed foods. Little things but IMPORTANT to anyone dealing with GI issues.

I deal with a lot of physicians and there are a select few that I truely trust and respect. I wish there were more.

In Topic: Afraid Yet Optimistic, For My Husband

04 December 2012 - 06:22 PM


Followed up with the GI doc today. All of my husbands labwork is completely normal. The whole panel. He said he does not have celiac. He does however think he is sensitive to gluten given his positive response to a gluten free diet. Our doctor actually reccomended we read "wheat belly" and said that there is a theory that the protein in wheat causes systemic inflammation. He wants my husband to eat as many whole unprocessed foods as possible. He did however mention that he is going to label it as irritable bowl syndrome as a diagnosis. I am thankful for a diagnosis, thankful that it isn't celiac based on all of the other problems that can be related to that. Dealing with a sensitivity as opposed to a true allergen still won't be easy but he feels better and we are going to keep at it. Thank you all so much for the information here and the support.

In Topic: Question About Ener-G Bread For Thanksgiving Stuffing

24 November 2012 - 06:09 PM

It may not be enough, Nicole, but the nice part is that even if the tests don't come back positive,
he can still eat gluten free and feel better. You don't need anyone's permission!

yes but it will be easier to convince my stubborn, hard headed husband to stick to a gluten free diet for life if he has proof that it's causing his problem. He is not 100% convinced it was the gluten that made him sick. He says "it could've been anything, I ate a lot of stuff". Men....

In Topic: Question About Ener-G Bread For Thanksgiving Stuffing

23 November 2012 - 05:50 PM

...and that is how you spell success. That is awesome!

Thank you!

The sad part is, I finally got the doc to order the whole celiac panel including genetic testing, so since we have been gluten free for two weeks hubby and I decided he should eat some gluten this week before his blood test so he ate thanksgiving at his parents house and is ridiculously sick today. :( I hope that's enough to make the tests accurate because he doesn't want to eat anymore gluten and feel this way anymore!

In Topic: Question About Ener-G Bread For Thanksgiving Stuffing

20 November 2012 - 03:39 PM

I just made our first gluten free thanksgiving. I baked one loaf of the gluten free pantry's white bread and a loaf of bob's red mill "wonderful" bread. I also made a gluten free cornbread using bob's red mill gluten free cornmeal. All of these I dried, crumbled, and toasted in the oven. After adding lots of sauted onion and celery with olive oil, turkey stock, a few eggs and baking it, nobody could tell any difference!

I also made an awesome pumpkin pie crust using king arthurs gluten free flour and the recipe from their website. I actually liked it better than any pie crust I have had previously!

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