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In Topic: Eyelash Tinting - Did/would You Do It?

06 April 2013 - 05:11 AM

Hi Gemini, I'm in NYC - I didn't even check whether this is legal here? :blink:  Apparently there have been controversies. To my ignorant self it seems less dangerous than eyelash extensions, but what do I know.


In what state did you use to get these done? Do you have any tips for finding a trusted professional? And did you notice any thinning/brittling of your lashes when doing that?

In Topic: Hashimoto's Testing While Gluten-Free?

29 March 2013 - 11:46 AM

I was negative for celiac, but tried the gluten-free diet anyway since October 2012. My new blood tests show that my aTPO was half as much as it used to be. Stil raised, but not as much. :)

In Topic: Why Can't I Lose Weight?

28 March 2013 - 03:44 PM

Thank you everybody for your advice and support. I have lately been focusing on these: getting to bed a bit earlier (though not optimal yet), and eating after 9-10 PM, and shortening my workout times. It would be very difficult for me to have days that are completely off workout because I have a desk job and I am in pain if I don't do something, so I decided to reduce the workout time. Other changes I did was getting a larger share of my calories at breakfast, and that has almost totally eliminated snacking/sugar cravings for the rest of the day. So far so good. I seem to have lost 3 kgs from the day I posted this. Fingers crossed.


I have also got my blood tests back. Hypoalbulinemia gone. Cortisol in range again (top half). TSH always suppressed, but FT3 and FT4 are getting lower, ever if they are still hyper, but I guess this means the therapy is working.


But the AMAZING thing, is that my aTPO was slashed in HALF. I wonder if the gluten-free diet helped on that one. It is still high, and positive, but half as it was about a year ago. Anti-tyreoperoxidase and TRab still the same thing.

In Topic: Hashimoto's Testing While Gluten-Free?

21 March 2013 - 02:38 AM

I've had several tpo tests after going gluten-free. They are all over the place. Once almost normal, once out of the ballpark, once somewhere in between.

Levels vary. If you come up negative perhaps ask to be retested later to be sure. I've never tested "normal", but it may not be impossible. Someday :)?


This also depends on the time of day you get tested. From what my endo told me (she also has them antibodies, and never developed the disease, ie. she has always been symptomless for the past 25 years she has been positive), once they are high they tend to remain in the body, but their quantity will not be stable, so that, with the exception of dramatic drops/increases, changes in the range are only relatively indicative.


I will have new results coming in soon, and will see if there's a difference after a few months gluten-free.

In Topic: Why Can't I Lose Weight?

19 March 2013 - 01:51 AM

GottaSki, THAT actually makes a lot of sense, and it makes me wonder whether something similar might be going on with me, ie. bloating/swelling more than proper fat, because that's what all the people closest to me, and who have seen me through the years, seem to remark when I complain about not figuring out what's wrong with me. There definitely is quite some water on me, judging from the "pressure holes" that you can leave on my legs, if you know what I mean.


A couple of thoughts:

1) Assuming you're not sitting on your butt the other 22 hours of the day, that is likely too much intense exercise.  Your body needs more rest days - or at least days where you SIGNIFICANTLY vary what you are doing with it.

2) Are you getting enough sleep?  Sufficient sleep is vital for proper metabolism.

3) Are you eating late at night?  A recent study showed that eating, even a small amount, a few hours after dinner time but before bed changed how the body metabolizes fat during the rest of the night.  Going for 10-12hrs without eating appears to help the body's metabolism pattern.

4) Can you exercise before eating breakfast?  It has been shown to give a small boost to fat burning over eating first and then exercising later.

5) Are you keeping track of your caloric intake and expenditure using some variety of tracking program?  This could be very helpful, regardless of how healthy you are eating.

6) How are your stress levels and how do you feel about how you cope with stress?  Outside of that cortisol reading, because cortisol is not the only stress hormone.


Besides all of that, yeah, it totally sounds like something else is going on, and you know that.  Please try not stress about the weight until you can work out the medical issues behind it.  Keep healthy habits, but don't stress about the results just yet.


THAT is a fantastic post, thank you so much, tarnalberry! So...


1) Not sure if this answers your question well, but I have a desk job (grad student), so except for walking to-fro campus and around the 'hood on errands I pretty much sit a lot. As for variety, I also no idea to what extent my current training is varied. But what I have been doing these past few weeks was:

Mon: 45 min treadmill, brisk walk with incline, 60 min sculpt class;

Tue-Thur: 30 minutes light cardio, 75 min ballet (beginner, pointe), 45 min strength training;

Wed: 60 min zumba, 60 min strength training;

Fri: 120 minutes ballet (beginner-intermediate, pointe), 60 minutes light walk to-fro dance studio;

Sat: 60 mins bootcamp, 30 minutes light walk OR 45 minutes elliptical and 45 minutes strength training or 60 min sculpt class and 30 mins elliptical;

Sundays off/walking in the park etc (though I was thinking of adding a modern dance class on Sunday nights.

2) I most surely do NOT get enough sleep. I often sleep around 6:30 hours per night, but I'd need 8. What happens is that I often get to bed past 2 AM. :(

3) I do often eat too late at night. Sometimes I come home from work at 9 PM, and therefore I finish dinner at 10 PM. If I eat earlier, then I often get hungry again by the time I get back to bed (see #2).

4) I used to do that, but I have found controversial studies re: muscle loss, which given my current problem with protein, worries me a little. The other practical problem is that I am taking lots of classes this round, simply because I find exercising alone all the time to be a bit alienating, and all the classes are later in the day. Thoughts?

5) I am using MyFitnessPal - used CalorieCount for a few months, but their interface drive me bonkers, so I switched. I am very short, around 5 foot 1, and I often end up eating about 1400-1500 kcals per day, even if theoretically aiming for 1250-1300.

6) Short answer: I am VERY stressed. Worried about not being able to finish my dissertation/getting a fellowship extension, being several thousands miles away from my family that's going through lots of financial and health problems, just recovering from over two years of what I now recognize as an abusive relationship, even just living in a different country, continent, culture where I even rarely speak my own language, making ends meet in NYC while living on a student stipend, etc, and I don't know how well I am coping with all this: outwardly I seem to be doing fine, but I am rarely relaxed without being guilty/in avoidance strategy. That was the long answer.


How this helps, and thank you again!

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