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Member Since 10 Nov 2012
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Fish, Chick Peas, Swiss Chard?!

28 November 2012 - 12:56 PM

Hi! I've been gluten free now for 3 weeks and the change in my health has been remarkable (no more gas, chest aches/pains, headaches, anxiety, skin clearing up, etc.) I did not have any tests done, but I figure that since I feel so good I might as well stick to it! But tonight I ate the following and had immediate tummy rumblings followed by lots of gas, just like I used to have before cutting out the gluten:

Smoked Mackerel (with some sort of lemon pepper on it)
Steamed swiss chard with garlic and some spices (check ingredients and all was good)
Chickpeas from a can

So I'm curious what could have possibly triggered by digestive system?! It was a little frustrating since I've been doing so good. I might go back to the grocery store where I bought the fish and ask them if there was anything else they put in the 'smoke' or marinade...but maybe someone else has some thoughts.
Much appreciated :-)

Gluten Intolerance After Illness?

10 November 2012 - 12:22 PM

Hi! I am new here and was hoping to share my story.
About a year ago I have a short, 24-hour type illness: severe stomach cramping, vomitting, diarrhea. It went away pretty quickly, but after that I began to have problems that have persisted up until today.
- about 4 incidents (over the course of the past year) of similar, but not nearly as severe, stomach cramps that were immediately relieved with a bowel movement (was woken up in the middle of the night by this)
- these incidents were usually followed by constipation for a few days
- rosacea on my cheeks that has become quite a self-conscious problem!
- what I think is some sort of minor sinus problem (I can feel a little fluid in my ears, can't sleep on my back because I won't be able to breath)
- depression and anxiety. I've always had issues, but these have gotten quite worse over the last year, especially the anxiety
- lately I've had a lot of gas and bloating, tummy rumbling, chest pains (probably gas related)

I will probably go to the doctor soon, but about a week ago I started eliminating gluten and noticed I have more energy, a drastic reduction in gas/tummy rumblings, and I have had no new 'eruptions' on my face (and I'm pretty sure it is clearing up!!!).
But today I ate some vegan chocolate cake and I started feeling 'funny'. I felt a little dizzy, short of breath, then my eyes started itching, I had a sneezing fit, I felt super tired, and had some chest pains. Could this be a reaction to the wheat flour in the cake?! Or I am just inducing these problems because I 'think' I have a gluten intolerance?! Also, what are the chances that the illness I had triggered all of these problems (and that they are related)?!
Any help/advice/experience would be greatly appreciated :-) As I said, I will be going to the doctor's soon, but I thought I would try here first so I could talk to people who have maybe gone through something similar!

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