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#839891 Going In For Endo On Friday, Questions

Posted by on 29 November 2012 - 09:38 AM

I had my EGD done this morning and it went good. The procedure took about 15 minutes and I felt fine after waking. My throat is a little scratchy and I'm coughing some. Yes, I do have a rash and it seems to be mainly on my arms, legs, buttocks, and I get some on my breasts. They start out as little red bumps then the bumps get bigger and form a blister like lesion in the middle. Once they pop, it burns and itches like crazy. I have an appointment with my dermatologist in January and I'll have him do a biopsy on them. I also have eroding teeth as well. I noticed my teeth have turned yellow and I brush and floss as recommended. About 6 years ago, I had 9 cavities at one time and just had my top wisdom teeth removed back in September because they were eroded and almost gone.

My GI told me he didn't think I had celiac disease because my blood work was negative and my CT scan didn't show signs, well my EGD showed otherwise. My duodenum (the first smart of the small intestine) is completely flat and has no ridges. My stomach was also inflamed so I have gastritis, and my esophagus shows signs of erosion (possibly from acid refux). He took some biopsies and I will know the results next week sometime. He told me go ahead and start taking lactase pills before I eat and start on the gluten-free diet to see how I feel and I will see him back in 3 weeks. Good luck tomorrow with your procedure. Let us know how it goes hon. :D

Yay for you having your procedure already done and over with!!! I am so happy you are already getting the answers you needed. Thank you so much for posting about it! Hopefully starting your gluten-free diet will make you feel better! :rolleyes: Will post about my procedure when I am able to do so as it might help others just like you helped me!
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