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In Topic: Just Tested....still Don't Know What's Wrong

15 November 2012 - 09:52 PM

I was tested for wheat, milk, eggs, etc. and the tTG-IgA only. The response from my doctor was that I should limited gluten but not totally eliminate it right away and to test what my body can tolerate. Maybe I need to accept that I won't likely get a diagnosis and limited gluten based on the fact the effects of my symptoms decreased. But I don't know what internal damage if any I might have. That is what also concerns me.

I agree with mushroom. I would only add get written or electrinic copies of all test results.

Was the tTG-IgA the only celiac antiboody test run? If so, remain on gluten - if you can - and have the full celiac panel along with nutrient testing. Nutritional deficicies is another indicator of the malabsorption found in Celiac Disease.

Let us know if you have more questions. Iit is unfortunate that this diagnosis process is often extremely frustrating.

Hang in there :)

In Topic: Just Tested....still Don't Know What's Wrong

15 November 2012 - 09:43 PM

Thank you for that information. It just comes to show that doctors do not have sufficient knowledge on this condition. I didn't have symptoms when I was gluten free and I felt better. Now with eating gluten, the biggest difference is that I am even more tired. It was difficult in the beginning eating gluten free. My doctor didn't really give any helpful advice to what to eat (I lost 10 pounds about less than 2 weeks because I didn't really know what to eat). I have actually had to educate myself on celiac disease because I wasn't reallly obtaining information from my primary doctor and the allergy doctor that reqested the testing.

I have also read about people being non celiac gluten sensitive but that there isn't a blood test, etc to test for this. I don't know if that is something to consider that I could have. I did hear back from my allergy doctor....he said to try gluten free and that there are no other tests to do. I was really disappointed to receive that response. I am considering contacting a local celiac clinic and getting a second opinion. I'm just concerned about the cost for additional testing.

Hello, and welcome.

I always feel so sorry for those whose doctors do things in reverse -- cause the medical reactions to go aay and then test for the medical reactions. It is absolute insanity. Test first, quit gluten second is the mantra we preach over and over. The blood tests are looking for antibodies to gluten, which start fading away once they are no longer exposed to gluten. And the sad part is, he could do an endoscopy with biopsy to test for intestinal damage, but after six weeks that may also be negative because sufficient healing may have taken place to take you out of range of the testing. There is great dispute about how long it takes on gluten to make the testing results valid, but the majority of doctors tend to underestimate the time required. Six to eight weeks for those not severely compromised seems to be a reasonable estimate -- YMMV.

You can continue eating gluten for a sufficient time for your results to be positive (if it is not too painful for you); you can ask for an endoscopy with biopsy to see if you can get a positive result from that (and make sure he takes at least six samples), or you can just try the gluten free diet and see how it works for you -- how did it work for you??

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