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In Topic: New And Hope To Get Some Feedback

16 November 2012 - 07:10 PM

First step - as others have already said - drop the bananas and do not retry them for six months.

If you improve - great!

If you do not - ask your doctor to order a full celiac blood panel - you must keep eating gluten for these tests to be accurate. The tests measure the antibodies created in reaction to gluten ingestion.

The problem is you may have a combination of several food intolerances - given you felt a bit better when you removed other foods - but since banana seems the most obvious - it is the place to start.

Another thing to do if removing bananas doesn't solve the problem is keep a food/symptom log.

Hope you feel better banana free :)

Thanks Lisa,

I did or do now know the banana problem, but never knew of possible problems with sugar. Do you think i should not have any gluten and sugar, or try gluten again but leave out sugars. Then see how I feel. Not sure how to tackle this weird new issue.

Thanks again!

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