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In Topic: Newbie Here(My Story Not Diagnosed Yet)

20 November 2012 - 12:53 AM

Oh and I just had a liver test done(bloodwork) along with a ultrasound in July so I know its good :) kidneys then also, heart tests just a week b4 I started this diet due to the palpitations and getting dizzy(actually went to the er as I almost passed out). Yesterday was the first day I havnt been dizzy in nearly 2 years also. I started taking some b12, vitamin d and magnesium as I've been on prilosec for 8 years! I forgot to mention I had been expierencing tingling in my fingers and feet which is still there but seems better. I've had what doctors thought was athletes feet on my one foot for 6 years could that be related? I've taken several prescriptions for it and nothing seems to clear it up. I'm still having palpitations but they also seem to have gotten a bit better. They're mostly when I'm sitting on a computer or laying down and I suspect its the edema in my gut pressing on my hernia.

In Topic: Newbie Here(My Story Not Diagnosed Yet)

20 November 2012 - 12:47 AM

Okay thanks for the info guys, its going to be really hard to do that. I cant get into the doctor in 2 weeks. I'm certain without a doubt this is what I have. My legs after 5 days have zero swelling and I've lost 20 pounds. Yikes right? I was so bloated I was having back problems and couldnt even button my pants. Now after only 5 days my pants can easily be buttoned and my legs and thighs have no pitting edema. The pitting edema was very scary as I've had it for almost 2 years and everything on the internet said, liver, heart or kidneys. I'd passed all those test but it wasnt really satisfying knowing I had it. I could literally press 3/4" into both my shins last wed and it was gone in 2 days after starting this. 20 pounds seems like ALOT in 5 days sometimes I could just feel the fluid seeping under my skin in my legs running to my feet. This all makes perfect sense now why I felt so bad after pizza nights or pasta nights.

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