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#851375 Articles Explaining Why Many Of Us Cross-React With Grains And Soya...thoughts?

Posted by on 31 January 2013 - 02:42 AM

Thanks for the advice (and don't worry, I love a good long ramble!). I just wish I could see what was going on inside me so I knew exactly what to eat/avoid!!
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#850990 Does Everything Make Me Sick?

Posted by on 29 January 2013 - 04:50 AM

Hi clsmith
I know how you feel. I too felt great when I first went gluten very light (before I knew about celiac) then gluten free. Giving up gluten didn't trouble me at all because it had made me feel ill for so many years.
Then along came the other problems - really unfair :( I thought.
Rice, potatoes and soya are real problems now for me along with all processed gluten-free foods - urgh! they make me so ill. Even worse and unlike some here, I have always done a lot of cooking so am happy to produce gluten-free versions of yummy food - in fact, I think gluten free puddings and desserts are better than the gluten versions but wait ........ they make me ill :o !!!
Sorry, I have taken over your thread with a moan.

Anyway, I view it all as a 'work in progress' and hope that when I have healed enough small amounts of these other foods can be reintroduced again. I also think I am super sensitive celiac and do hold some suspicions about getting cc'd from some gluten free products.

Oh yay, someone else like me!!! After diagnosis I thought having to avoid gluten would be the most difficult part but then all these other intolerances started to raise their ugly heads! Can't tolerate any processed gluten-free products, corn, soya, white potatoes, rice, eggs, lactose and probably tonnes more! Seem to have difficulties with nuts too. Along with being a vegetarian, I feel so limited and I'm feeling so ill most of the time!
How long have you been gluten-free? Are you feeling better yet? I just want to be myself again :(
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#841042 I Had A Nightmare That I Ate A Crouton

Posted by on 05 December 2012 - 02:18 AM

I'm in my third gluten-free week too and had a dream that one of my housemates tried to force-feed me pasta...and there were breadcrumbs and slices of bread on every surface!
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#840931 3 Weeks In: Will It Ever Get Better?

Posted by on 04 December 2012 - 12:38 PM

Thanks very much everyone for the support and advice! I'm seeing a dietitian tomorrow so hopefully I can talk through my concerns with her too.

As a vegetarian who is now gluten, oat and lactose-free and avoiding processed gluten-free products (and I don't eat nuts/seeds because I really hate them), I'm really reluctant to cut out any vegetables, pulses, rice or beans! I would have nothing left! I would also definitely waste away, considering the state my body is in as it is....
I'm very careful with labels and have been only eating specifically gluten-free food. I'm being as careful as I possibly can be regarding cross-contamination, so hopefully it is just gluten withdrawal and will pass? But atm I feel like for every day I feel good I get several days of feeling awful...

Thanks again for being so kind everyone. I'm feeling more positive today. When I was first diagnosed I was really quite happy in a way (well, more relieved than anything!) and keen to start my gluten-free life. But it's definitely an up-down rollercoaster of a journey, that's for sure!
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#840704 3 Weeks In: Will It Ever Get Better?

Posted by on 03 December 2012 - 12:47 PM

This is my first post so I'm still getting used to the terminology/acronyms used on this site!

It's been 3 weeks as of tomorrow since I was diagnosed with coeliac disease and started my gluten-free life.
I've found it quite an overwhelming and emotional learning process (esp. as GPs seem to know nothing and haven't had a meeting with dietitian yet!)

I'm doing everything I can to avoid contamination. I'm a uni student living in a shared house, so it's difficult, but my housemates are very understanding and I've got my own separate utensils and food cupboard.
However I feel like I'm not healing at all! Half the time I wonder if I'm just getting worse!

I've cut out dairy because I can't tolerate it at all. I've also found that the processed gluten-free foods I got on prescription (gluten-free breads and pasta) make me feel sick/give me stomache aches, so I'm avoiding them.

Basically, I'm living off rice & buckwheat porridge, beans, potatoes, rice, lentils and lots of fruit and veg.
I ate pretty healthily before going gluten-free. I'm a vegetarian so have always eaten this sort of food, so I can't think that going gluten-free has been that much of a shock to my body...

But a lot of the time I'm getting awful stomach aches, nausea, 'D', constant headaches, debilitating fatigue, insomnia and brain fog and a generally angry/upset-feeling stomach. I'm also still feeling irritable/emotional a lot of the time.

Is this normal or am I intolerant to other food too? I really don't want to cut out any more types of food.
I got really underweight before the diagnosis (BMI 13/14) because my body wasn't absorbing anything (total villus atrophy & mucosa) and I feel like I'll have nothing left I can eat soon! I'm still losing weight...

I'm taking multivitamins, multiminerals, iron and calcium supplements. My bloodwork came back fine (apart from coeliac antibodies, obviously) so my nutrient levels/thyroid etc. are all good, fortunately.

What's wrong with me? This is really affecting my university work and I'm in my final year now so every day is crucial! I have an exam tomorrow and a very important field trip to South Africa in january and I'm so desperate to feel better so I can get the most out of my very expensive/important degree!

I'm currently trying to revise but I was in such agony last night and didn't sleep at all, so my brain isn't working very well. I definitely didn't eat anything with gluten in last night...I made lentil, butterbean and leek stew.

Sorry for the long moany post!
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