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In Topic: Is Gluten The Reason For Anxiety, Depression, Fatigue And Panic Attacks

20 November 2012 - 09:15 PM

EatMeat4good has said it all so beautifully, so I cannot add much more.

I had all of these symptoms you describe develop in me, too --a few years ago when I became very ill from celiac and the malabsorption, but after 18 months gluten-free, they have vanished and only reappear when glutened by even trace CC. I hate these feelings more than the other awful symptoms I have.

I was never shy or anxious in my entire life, and not given to depressive moods (except for the time I had miscarriages), so I was very confused as to why I was in such a state. I worried I would go mad and I worked hard to stay sane. It was frightening sometimes. My brain was deeply affected by gluten and I used to say to the doctors and my poor husband and family all the time "something is very wrong with me. I do not feel like me at all". I lived in what I call "gluten head hell". It was a nightmare.

It was the gluten.

There is a clear link between depression, anxiety, panic disorder and other neuropsychiatric symptoms and gluten/celiac and the malabsorption it creates.

We lose essential vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, amino acids and we cannot function at top speed.

Look here:


Honey, if you still feel this way, I have to agree with EatMeat4Good---are you getting glutened somehow??

I hope you feel better soon.

I have felt like this for SO long.... I only get bad anxiety, depression, etc. when I have been glutenized. It is so nice to not be alone :)

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