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Member Since 21 Nov 2012
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Petrified, Supraclavicular Node Enlargement & Gastric Symptoms... Cancer?

13 June 2015 - 01:16 AM

Hi everyone

Its been a while since I have been on here... I have been slowly recovering from my diagnosis of celiac disease... And have had ups and downs, various problems... All of which are sorted or being sorted!


However a few days ago, I accidentally discovered a lump on my clavicle.


Thinking this was strange and wondering whether it was a swollen lymph node, I began searching online. I also made a docs appt. Having researched it, I am absolutely petrified.


Please PLEASE if anyone can help, I'd appreciate it so much. My searches indicate that it could possibly be a Trosiers Sign, which apparently is indicative of stomach cancer/ or gastric. 


The lump is in exactly the correct the place. It isn't soft (as apparently a healthy gland would be), it is hard. It is not completely fixed as I seen to be able to move it about.


I am also currently experiencing heartburn, discomfort in oesophagus area (fullness), and cannot eat much. I thought this was due to a hiatus hernia that I was told I had at my celiac diagnosis 3 years ago. I have had these same symptoms before about 6 months ago. Currently had them for .a couple of weeks


So these 'hiatus hernia' symptoms along with this supraclavicular lump could indicate cancer?? Could it be early stage? 


I have seen my doc, he is referring me... He said he couldn't speculate at this point, which has also made me edgy.


So I have found what they call virchows node and trousers sign... My 'lump' is in the exact correct location. 


I can't say just how scared I am.

I am stricly gluten free... My recent FBC is fine (am no longer anaemic), white cells look ok, SED rate 6.


If anyone has any reassurance or info or experience one way or the other... I can't function for worry at the moment...


Many thanks to anyone that can help







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