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In Topic: Gastric Bypass Surgery And Celiac

27 November 2012 - 03:19 PM

I have had gastric bypass, but not the usual kind, and now am being tested for celiac. My GB was because of a rare cancer, a sarcoma, on the outside of my stomach (part of it had grown into my stomach). The cancer is supposed to be cured, but I lost the distal 1/5 of my stomach, including the pylorus, and my duodenum is functioning as a conduit between the pancreas and the jejunum. So it is kinda like a bariatric GB but not as drastic. Yet I have tested low on copper & Vitamin D for certain. Some of the folks who have had my cancer & stomach surgery experience vitamin & mineral deficiencies but sounds like I am definitely not in the majority there. My GI doctor says she doesn't think my deficiencies are caused by my surgery as they can be absorbed other places besides the duodenum. Celiac fits in with my other symptoms. I wonder about wheat allergy. Whatever, bottom line, I do better without wheat for sure, probably gluten. I did have my gluten test run yesterday. I have not been chowing down on gluten, but never gave it up either.

So we'll see.

Hope this helps somewhat.


In Topic: Testing--& Gluten In Diet

25 November 2012 - 11:30 AM

Another thing that should change is vitamin/mineral levels should improve. You could get those levels tested now and do a follow up later, say in 6 months or a year after going gluten-free.

The above is of concern to my health providers and of course myself. I had them tested in mid September, and am supplementing. They were discovered in July, I supplemented then, but the improvement was slight. So, I am taking more of each supplement. Those deficiencies are being watched regardless of the question of celiac or not.

Sounds like I should go ahead and get tested. From what I've read a couple of the tests could, not saying it is definite, but could point to a wheat allergy. But I guess a person could have both celiac and wheat allergy going on? It's confusing to me.

In Topic: Testing--& Gluten In Diet

25 November 2012 - 09:21 AM

Well, yes, I did add some more gluten/wheat to my diet in the past few days, with dramatically bad results, I thought. On Thanksgiving Day (Thursday) I had two slices of sourdough bread. As far as I know that was all the gluten I had because we ate a regular sized meal at home because our family get-together was Saturday. A few hours later I started feeling bad. Pains in joints, pains, in abdomen, bloating, and what I later decided was swelling in my throat. I felt like I was being choked, although I could swallow, etc. The next day, about the same, but I noticed my bowels had stopped working, ahem. I developed a bad cough and it sounded like bronchitis, so thought maybe I was getting a virus. Saturday was a bad day, and I began to wonder about allergies, so I tried a 24 hour antihistamine. I started feeling better, at least with the throat problems. I was very depressed most of the day.

Today, on Sunday, I feel so much better. No cough, no throat issues . . . doubtful that it could have been a virus that left in 24 hours. Do I have to eat more bread to get accurate test results? I did ingest more gluten on Friday, but not a lot. If I ate any on Saturday, it was unintended. I have also seen something somewhere on the internet about it taking 6 months of gluten free to get the bloodwork to change. Any truth there? If so I only cut down on gluten in September, but I never did entirely eliminate it as I was not convinced I had anything.

If I have a wheat allergy instead of celiac, can they tell that from the panel? I have to pay for the panel outright as we've started over with our deductible for the year. So is it worth it if I think I will just go ahead and eliminate gluten products regardless? As to timeline, I can take this test anytime, next week, the week after. Thanks for all your help.


In Topic: Testing--& Gluten In Diet

21 November 2012 - 02:14 PM

I think that's enough gluten right there to say you haven't started a gluten-free diet, making talk of what duration for a gluten challenge moot.

Btw, that UofChi 12 wks quote sure seems overused considering that Mayo, Stanford, Beth-Israel, UofMaryland etc all say fewer weeks.

Yes, those cautions I have seen--12 weeks seems like a long time. One cracker seems a lot smaller than one slice of bread, too. The latest study I saw said the amount did not matter so much, so then maybe I don't need to be concerned.

I've seen the shorter times, too. So I'm glad (I guess) that you think the couple of teaspoons of flour I would get each day as a for sure gluten is enough. I cannot translate tsps. of wheat flour into a slice of bread, or half slice. But I will eat a slice of bread, or a bun sometimes, just not daily or even every other day.

I do not think it would be hard for me to eliminate gluten from my diet. Life would still be worth living! It would be nice to know if gluten is a problem for me or not, however.

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