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Testing--& Gluten In Diet

21 November 2012 - 12:03 PM

I am to have the full panel testing in the near future. I have such a long story, where to start. I've had few digestion problems until I encountered cancer at age 60. I had a sarcoma removed along with the distal portion of my stomach, and I have a roux en y. That's been more than a year ago, and the sarcoma is considered highly unlikely to return. I have had my share of digestive issues, mostly sorted out. There are some other medical issues, but let's say I've had most every test known to man, and things look good.

So, I went to a GI doctor thinking I had gastroparesis, or something like that, because I had so much bloating and gas, and sometimes voluminous stool, sometimes smaller. (had colonoscopy 1.5 years ago). Not exactly constipated, not diarrhea either. But I did have pain at times, spasms in my colon at times. I've recently had a abdominal/pelvic CT with triple contrast, checked out fine. So the GI thinks I might have celiac, or gluten problems. I like her, she is a good diagnostician. I have had a three vitamin/mineral deficiencies in the past few months that I assumed were because of my partial gastrectomy, with rewiring: copper, vitamin D & magnesium. Since being on those, things did get much better. I am not anemic, although I had been low normal, or slightly below normal, and couldn't get it any higher. I think taking copper helped with that, as it was after I had been on copper for a couple of months, the hemoglobin nudged upward, but I don't know. But the GI was not impressed, thought the deficiencies were unrelated to my surgery.

So, moving onward. During the past few months, I gradually stopped eating bread and bread products. I love bread, or did love it. I just decided it wasn't so good for a person. I have not lost weight, I gained it back from my surgery, however, and I am at a good weight. I never buy prepared stuff. I don't eat out a lot, and am reasonably careful. I do eat bread, perhaps once a week, but then not a lot. I love oatmeal in the morning, don't know what the chances are that is a problem with gluten. I really cannot think of anything that might have gluten in it except for the homemade soups--I eat them almost daily-- I prepare them using flour as a thickener. That would be it.

So I told her I did not intake much gluten, but she glossed over that. When I called a couple of days later to discuss with the nurse, the nurse said, "you're having pain and digestion problems, if you are gluten intolerant it will show up." !!!!! Not sure that is right. I did find a recent study which said that one only needed to be taking gluten for 10 days-2 weeks prior to testing, and these were from celiacs who had been gluten free for a long time.

Finally my question: Will I be wasting the testing if I have it with the diet I have described? I had them check on the cost of the tests as my has started over, and the cost is over $500.

Oh, yes, the GI surgeon who did removed the sarcoma stays out of the fray as far as vitamin and mineral deficiences, and he'd stay out of this as well.

Any ideas?

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