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In Topic: Lab Results - Disappointed A Little

22 March 2013 - 07:31 AM

Hi, Everyone who so kindly responded...  I'm so sorry I haven't replied in so long - I think I just kinda zoned out.  Sometimes I just get SO tired of fighting all these illnesses, treatments, researching, different meds, etc., and I just burn out and want to "hide out" a while...


For an update...  After this negative test, I did have a saliva test for iGa and it was VERY low - so would that possibly mean that my immune system simply does not MAKE the antibodies to the gluten protein, therefore being a false negative?  Seems I read that somewhere on these forums but I can't seem to find it now.


We did do the genetic testing, and I did test positive for 1 of the 2 genetic markers.  I also had VERY high C-Reaction Protein - 27.3 - and she said that is showing I have some major inflammation going on somewhere.


After that first 4-day trial off gluten did so well, I did go gluten-free again back in Dec. and made it for 9 days that time.  Had the same results - 9 lbs. came off instantly during that time (after being STUCK at 330 "forever") - plus the other symptoms improved.  In Jan. we went on a cruise and I did NOT stay gluten-free.  I wish to goodness I HAD.  When we got back I did immediately go back to gluten-free, but for some weird reason THIS time I did NOT have any positive results.  Symptoms stayed the same, weight stayed the same (I'd regained 6 of the 9 I'd lost on the cruise) - and I got VERY discouraged to be giving up all my favorite foods with NO results whatsoever and just got fed up with the whole thing.


Over the next month or so I developed MAJOR joint pain in my fingers and now have a very painful tendonitis that is stopping me from even being able to make a fist - and it's weird because it hit BOTH hands at the exact same time.  Plus, the leg/ankle swelling will NOT go away no matter how many diuretics I take (is this gluten-related??).


So needless to say, I'm now back on board and taking it way more seriously this time around.  I just really wish (and hope) that I will see at least SOME of those positive results I got the first 2 times - that would really help encourage me to continue.  What would cause this reaction - to do so well those first 2 times and then "nothing" - ??  How long does it usually take to see some positive results after going gluten-free?  Seems many say just a few days and they feel better than in years!  I WANT that!!


Thanks so much for being there and for all the support...  Oh - my ND DOES work under a regular physician and can definitely order any testing we want to do.  I'm just not sure at this point whether it's necessary to go through the biopsy since it seems being gluten-free is necessary for me.  Or would the biopsy show anything else we might need to know?


Thanks again,



In Topic: Safe Sandwich "bread" Substitute?

22 March 2013 - 07:19 AM

It is possible that they weren't wet enough. But the only ingredients really are the oil, water, salt and flour. Their flavor is much like an English muffin when they come out right, or at least that is what they remind me of. The gluten free girl website explains that it can take several tries before you get them right, and it isn't a big deal. Try again, don't be discouraged.


They don't take butter at all, except when you eat them. If you used a recipe other than the one I linked, I would recommend throwing that recipe right out the window because it is wrong. This recipe comes from a girl whose mother is from Venezuela. The directions are as learned from that girl. It doesn't get any better than this.


Okay, I will give it another try(!) - I honestly don't remember which recipe I ended up going with because I watched SO many videos on it...  This time I WILL stick with that one, though :)

In Topic: Safe Sandwich "bread" Substitute?

22 March 2013 - 06:43 AM

I love Udi's and Rudi's breads, both are good especially if toasted.

I will say though, neither can compare to arepas for a sandwich. I use PAN brand meal, it does have a cc warning but the bakery I frequent uses it also and tests it for gluten. It has never in all the time they've been testing it, come up positive for gluten. I have also never gotten sick from it. I also wouldn't expect a brand recommendation from gluten free girl for something that would make me sick. (On top of all that, I've never been able to find a different brand!)

These are super easy and super fast to make. Even in my early days when I was having more bad days than good I had the energy to make these. The instructions with pictures in the link are exception and idiot proof if even I can make them!




Hi, Adalaide!


I did order the PAN meal and tried making these arepas - even after watching many videos on how to do it properly, for some reason mine came out extremely DRY and TASTELESS!  Any idea what I might have done wrong?!! I had such high hopes for this because it sounds so awesome - and my hubby LOVES "corn bread" - so I thought this might be a double-treat for both me and him.  But he hated these!  I know I had to have missed something because everyone raves about how wonderful they taste.  I don't know if I didn't use enough salt - ?  Or enough butter or if it's something else people use to make them tastier and less crumbly!  ??

In Topic: Substitute For Pretzels To Help With Nausea

28 November 2012 - 06:25 AM

Would Walmart carry the Snyder's pretzels?

In Topic: Substitute For Pretzels To Help With Nausea

27 November 2012 - 02:58 PM

Wow, thanks so much for the responses!! I didn't even realize they had gluten-free pretzels (just getting started with this)! Guess I need to keep reading. I've been reading non-stop since Sunday when this first came to my attention that it might be my problem for so long, but boy do I have a lot to learn!

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