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Member Since 26 Nov 2012
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#848117 What Tests Should I Do From Enterolab?

Posted by on 12 January 2013 - 04:43 AM

Hi, Im looking to get tested from enterolab to see if I have celiac or gluten sensitivities. I was wondering if anyone can give me any insight. Been suffering for years, and have had no luck with doctors in the past because they thought I was making all my symptoms up. A friend that has celiac mentioned it to me years ago, but I thought you only had gastro problems, which I did have as kid-very badly. But now, my whole body is really sick, as you all know how that goes, and after doing much reading up on it- I swear I've finally found out what it is. Not to mention, my friend was right! I just want to have conformation for myself before I go gluten free. I also am going to try talking to my new doctor to see if he can run some blood tests. BUT, will be getting tested by enterolab first. That way, I can show him my results-proof. Im desperate to figure this out, as I cannot stand being sick any longer. I am only 24, and have been suffering my whole life. "Trying" to keep this short, sorry. So I'll spare all the symptoms, but what tests should I order? Anyone else used enterolab before?
Thank you very much in advance! :)

My daughters and I have had lots of luck with entero lab and I believe they are accurate with results. Call and talk to Kathy and she will tell you what test to take(99 dollars and 3 weeks later you get results). The number is972-686-6869. She is great and will help you. If you can find a doctor that gets the celiac gluten thing that would be helpful. In the wheat belly book by William Davis it tells you what tests to get for celiac panel. Another place that could help you find doctors and good infor is a celiac support group in your area. I go to mine once a month and it is great to get support from others that understand what you are going through.

I was very sick 2 years ago and 2 years later I am on no meds just vitamins and have great energy. I had acid reflux, joint pain, stomach pain, brain fog, fatigue, rashes on hands, feet, knees/elbow, depression, and more. That is all gone. If I eat gluten by accident I get some of it back but then goes away in a few days. I am so grateful that I know about celiac. Otherwise I would be taking a drug for crohns disease right now because that is what the GI docs told me 2 years ago. I am so glad I did not take that awful drug. Start getting well by taking vitamins and eating well. It may take a while but it is all worth it. Good luck!!
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#845863 Al-Cat Vs. Elisa Food Testing

Posted by on 31 December 2012 - 05:03 PM

Does anyone know which test is better? Please let me know if you had the test and found it helpful. I had the elisa test and found it to be very accurate. My daughter just had the al-cat test and they never asked her about medications or did any fasting, which makes me think it is not as accurate. The elisa testing they had me fast, wear no make-up, lotion, no brushing teeth, and no medications until after the blood draw. I was much more impressed with the elisa test. Any feedback would be appreciated.
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#845696 Fatigue And Anxiety

Posted by on 30 December 2012 - 07:40 PM

My daughter is 18 years old and went gluten free a year ago and does not have anymore stomach aches, and very few headaches. She was tested through Entero labs(stool sample) and found out she was gluten intolerant last year. She was feeling better but now is having fatigue and anxiety at school. She is too young to feel that she does not have energy. I think she has food sensitivities and she will find out in a few weeks, as she was blood tested (al-cat).

Anyone that was tested through al-cat and feeling better because they are not eating the foods they were sensitive to? I am very concerned that she will have many foods that she likes that will be off limits to her. It will make it challenging to prepare food that she enjoys. Any ideas?
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