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In Topic: Starbucks

01 December 2012 - 08:36 PM

Oh wow, I drink lattes all the time on campus and have never once thought about wether or not the syrups are gluten free. I guess I figured gluten was limited to bread like items. Glad i ran across this post. I'll be more cautious from now on.

In Topic: Starting A Gluten-Free Diet After 4 Years...

01 December 2012 - 08:22 PM


Some suggestions that are safe. Wine is a safe option. But watch out for your tolerance, it will change. Go slow. ;)

Tolerance can change? Thats interesting, I wonder if it will. I haven't drank any wine or liquor since starting my gfd. I drink moderately but have always seemed to have an unusually high tolerance. Could that possibly have anything to do with this? I suppose I'll find out

welcome to the group! I'm on my way out the door soon but just wanted to add -- remember to watch for hidden gluten in malt products, soy sauce, beer. And most of all become a label reader.....& many of us become intolerant of other things/foods as well.....I try to avoid all of the eight major allergrens........
The bad news it takes time to learn all there is to know about the gluten free lifestyle, mishaps will happen.... Good news is we now have great gluten-free choices so no need now to feel deprived of your favs...
You will find a wealth of info here......

I was craving a choco malt earlier too! I checked online first and was disappointed to learn I couldn't have one. boo :/


Some suggestions that are safe. Wine is a safe option. But watch out for your tolerance, it will change. Go slow. ;)

Tolerance can change? How interesting. I've always had an unusually high tolerance for being a small woman. I wonder if that has anything to do with this. I suppose I'll find out.

In Topic: Starting A Gluten-Free Diet After 4 Years...

29 November 2012 - 01:16 PM

Welcome Rae!

Many here are self diagnosed and feel quite comfortable with that. If you choose to forgo testing, start simple. Meats, seafood, rice, veggies, potatoes and fresh fruit. No need for processed foods at the moment, or keep them to a minimum.

I would be as strict as possible for over a month or so. If you have a possitive dietary response, you can conclude you have Celiac Disease or some level of a gluten sensitivity. Both are rx'd by a gluten free diet. Some find relief immediately, others take longer. I would concentrate on removing gluten for now. And if you don't feel better, you may look into other foods as a problem. But, do take one step at a time.

As a college student, there is no need to deprive youself...there are several adult beverages available :rolleyes:

Take a walk around here. It's a great place for information and support. :) Once you get use to what you can eat, you will find that your sacrifices are only small ones. I do not feel deprived.

Yes, adult beverages were a concern of mine :)

In Topic: Starting A Gluten-Free Diet After 4 Years...

29 November 2012 - 01:15 PM

While you're healing, try to avoid soy and oats--many people with celiac can't tolerate them. I'd like to echo all of the advice you've already been given.

Thanks for the tip, I regularly order soy at Starbucks to add a rich flavor.

In Topic: Starting A Gluten-Free Diet After 4 Years...

29 November 2012 - 01:13 PM

You just discribed me before i went gluten free. Mine started badly after i had a nasty case of the flu (missed a full week of college classes, no fun), an allergic reaction a week later, and finally my gallbladder starting to go on me. I think its the combo of these three things that Celiac decided to rear its little head. Mind you, before this i had IBS for years. I always had to know where the bathroom was and i almost always had to take peptobismol before i went out. When it did hit me, it was massive cramping, sweats, and "D" really bad. After that period of sickness, I was having "D" daily as well as vomiting several times a week. The cramping became normal and it got to the point where walking and such was a constant state of pain. My axiety shot up and i'd have panic attacks and hyperventialation. I have GERD as well and during that time it was out of control.

It was also during this time when i loaded down fully on gluteny things because i was afraid to eat much of anything else (my diet, i kid not, was lunch meat, whatever plain gluteny thing that was available, plain salad mix, some sort of canned fruit). I lost about 40lbs the first month of this mess. I'd go and eat something, and then it was not uncommon for it to come back up.

I constently went to the doctor ("its all in your head!" "Deal with it like an adult") and they more often than not didn't believe me. Finally i got to see a nurse practitioner who put me through the paces with a full body exam (something i hadn't had prior to all this mess). She decided to test me for an ulcer, to see if my appindix was working correctly, and the long shot....celiac disease. Can you guess which one came back positive? I'm not a normal case, i suppose, only my IGA TTG came back positive along with the genetic testing, the rest of it negative. But as far as i'm concerned, I have it.

Do you live on campus of your university? If so, it will make things difficult for ya as the eateries are massive places of crosscontamination.

We all come in different shapes and sizes, as such not everyone on this board has the same test results or symptoms. If it makes you feel better, go for it. Do be careful though, your boyfriend will have to brush his teeth before he sees ya :) (due to crosscontamination issues).

Yes, I was diagnosed with IBS after I had the colonoscopy. I wanted to cry when the physician told me I was completely fine. This is the exact reason I haven't focused too much on getting insurance, I saw 2 specialists and recieved no answers. I was tired of feeling like no one took me seriously. I actually had a Dr. that told me I probably just had bad gas and wrote my a prescription for the children's dose of an acid reducer. A bubblegum flavored tablet that disolved in my mouth.
Anywho, I use to keep a Pepto bottle by my pillow at night although it didn't do much to calm my symptoms. I did not even think to consider my boyfriend and cross contamination! OoOo no , lol.