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In Topic: Dairy Free Questions...

30 January 2013 - 08:00 PM

I'm even more sensitive to dairy than to gluten, if that's possible. So everybody is different.

And while I don't find it harder to avoid, it is much tougher on me emotionally. After a few years down this path, I don't really miss gluten (something as a former bread and pasta addict I never would have thought possible). I don't miss milk (I actually prefer almond milk) or ice cream (I love coconut milk ice cream), but I still deeply miss cheese. Every day. Several times every day. There is just no good substitute.

But, it does get easier with time.

Dairy is very hard on my system so I stay clear of it as best as I can. Maybe some day it won't be so bad but for now I am so sensitive to so many things.

In Topic: Fading Fast. And I'm Just Getting Started :(

11 December 2012 - 06:32 AM


You may have low stomach acid. You could try some Betaine HCL and some pro-biotics to see if that helps. When the gut is irritated and food moves through too quickly it sometimes isn't digested completely. Digestive enzymes may help also. It seems like our guts are often irritated at first on the gluten-free diet. All the bacterial changes could be part of that.

Thanks very much! Before I was experiencing such high acidity that my guts (not really my stomach) were on fire all the time until it would end in diarrhea Now that I am not eating gluten, and a whole host of other things, I don't have that problem! Although I have swung in the complete opposite direction. As I has constipation now. Which is not great but it is a welcome change after what it's been like!

In Topic: My Stomach Is An Evil Dictator And Need Putting In Line, Anyone Wanna Help?

11 December 2012 - 06:23 AM

Wendelann -- it gets better! It helps to have a guilty pleasure to go to when you feel terrible, like a bath and a trashy novel or a marathon of bad TV.

Ah thanks! It's crazy how life takes a turn sometimes. I do have a pleasure like that! And you're right it helps tremendously. Thank you!

In Topic: Fading Fast. And I'm Just Getting Started :(

07 December 2012 - 08:19 AM

Thank you so much guys. I'm slowly but surely accepting this new reality. It's just hard. But it's great to have people here who understand and who have already been going through it all :)

I am in the same boat with you. I just started after fighting to accept it for months. Now that I am on the right track I am seeing more and more foods that are harsh on my system. I wonder though if it is because of the extensive damage to the small intestine? I have stuff come out whole that I ate the day before :( I take supplements though and that seems to be managing my nutrients for the most part :) This whole thing is like one massive head game! I think that even though I have had a rough time physically it has been equally hard mentally and emotionally.

In Topic: My Stomach Is An Evil Dictator And Need Putting In Line, Anyone Wanna Help?

07 December 2012 - 08:07 AM

I feel for you -- that's awful. I know how being on a restricted diet and *still* feeling unwell is so infinitely frustrating.

I hate this kind of answer, but my doctor would say you should have more fiber. For what it's worth, you could ground flaxseeds in your cereal or something and see if it helps.
I also add prunes to some of my meals because it makes the whole process of ickiness go faster, but it seems to have no effect on my stool (frequent and tiny -- painless but annoying). I'm not supposed to be able to handle prunes, since I can't eat almost all fruit, but for some magical reason I can.

I've also had some success fermenting stuff to help with digestion. You may be able to add some stuff in if you soak it for a day or two before and add some sauerkraut or pickles or something else with active bacteria as a digestive. I've managed to eat corn as soaked polenta for breakfast. And I can only eat about ten foods total. (I have it with almond milk and cinnamon -- it's delicious!)

I'm guessing you're on the usual digestive enzymes and probiotics most people on the forum go on...if not, they may help. Also guessing you're drinking plenty, but if not that's something to consider.

Anyway, I would say to talk to a doctor or dietician -- even though those people drive me crazy. (My last dietician just printed out something from the USDA food pyramid. There's a *dairy* section. And the chick had celiac herself, albeit DH without any GI stuff. But still -- crazy.) Nonetheless, you may have some other condition they could check for.

Hopefully something in here sparks an idea for you...in the meantime, I really feel for you. If you ever want to see a worse disease, try hanging out on the Crohn's boards (http://www.crohnsforum.com/). I checked it out once, and some of those people are in total and utter agony 24 hours a day and are fed through stomach tubes for weeks, or even life. It's this kind of stuff that makes me grateful I can still manage to go to work. Though it may not be helpful when you feel so bad.

Wow okay so this is my very first time on the forum and I have to say that I am impressed with what you wrote here. I have only been dealing with the gastro stuff for about 4 months. It is very tough. I have a hard time with most foods now too. I think I haven't healed much yet as I have only been gluten free for about a week now. It is very difficult but like you said it is manageable and I am so grateful for that. I appreciate what you said about how some people have to eat through stomach tubes and have colostomies. :( Thank you for helping to put things into perspective.

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