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In Topic: Igg Testing -Recent Article Questions Reliability

08 December 2012 - 01:56 AM

How could an IgG test say that it was celiac? My daughter and I have had this done. Twice she tested positive for gluten and wheat and once for spelt. But it never said anything about celiac and now wheat, gluten and spelt are not problems for her.

It doen't say you are celiac. In fact, we don't know for sure that we are, we just suspect as the symptoms match up and it is the whole family. The test simply told us some things to try to eliminate. Eliminating gluten made a big difference. Essentially, I am saying that I am grateful for the IGG test as it led us to forums like this, and we are getting better.

In Topic: Pictures Of My Rash

08 December 2012 - 01:32 AM

Quick background to this is I was diagnosed with bechets at 16 at put on dapsone tablets - 50-100mg daily. Left to manage it on my own. I stopped taking it 2 years ago when I was pregnant and havent taken it since due to breastfeeding. Slowly symptoms of my body/stomach not liking something have come along and I also get this rash when I eat certain things. Im tired, irritable, constant stomach aches/pain, migraines, urgency for toilet and messy when I go, dizziness and bad memory. Dr's so far have put most of these symptoms down to stress and having children. But I feel different, my head is always foggy and I hate this anger that comes from no where. Rash has been treated over the years as Psoriasis, impetigo and one dr said it was because i must of left mess on me when I'd been to the toilet! Dr has done "celiac Blood test" which he says is negative but refuses to give me the actual result. From what I can tell he has only tested the "Anti-tissue Transglutonase" level? So here are some pictures of the rash I get on my face (purple marks that can be itchy but usually painfull and take months to go), bottom - (intensely itchy and burning - note the scratch marks!) and legs - these look more like hives I think. I havent included all the pictures of the rash on my beind as it's very embarassing - just imagine the last 2 pictures all over!! Everything else seems mild at the moment.

Any opinions, thoughts etc are welcome. Ive just had a colonoscopy (as Dr wants to do the cheapest procedure first) and it was clear. I have a dermatology app in 3 weeks and am seeing stomach people for first time in October.

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OMG! I get this. I thought it was just weird hives...just as itchy as hives. Is iodine (besides gluten) the answer?

In Topic: Yeast

03 December 2012 - 11:34 PM

Why not just test yeast by itself? See if you get the same reaction from the yeast as you do from the yeasted baked good. Or, alternatively, eat something with all the same ingredients as the pretzels, but without yeast, like some sort of cookie or cracker, and see how you do.

In Topic: I Had A Nightmare That I Ate A Crouton

03 December 2012 - 11:23 PM

I don't know if it ever completely goes away, though it gets easier. My daughter drempt last night that she ate an oreo and didn't get sick. This is after 4 years of trying to avoid gluten!

In Topic: Igg Testing -Recent Article Questions Reliability

03 December 2012 - 10:16 PM

The IGG test was the way that my mom, children and I found that we were probably Celiac. We have done really well an a gluten-free diet and avoid the other foods that got high scores (as necessary for each person). After lifetimes of unexplained symptoms, debilitating allergies, and shifting diagnoses we are starting to feel better thanks to that test. Elimination diets never worked for us, as there were too many things to eliminate (and it really does take a rocket scientist to discover all of the secret things where gluten lies hidden).