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Member Since 03 Dec 2012
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Topics I've Started

My Life Just Got 100% Easier

01 November 2014 - 05:52 AM

I wanted to share how my life just got better.


for my birthday my family got me an amazing food dehydrator. this has been an eye opening adventure. to date I have made all sorts of veggie chips, but the part that is giving me a more open life is I am dehydrating whole meals. there is a learning curve involved in this, but every day I am trying something new.


last night I rehydrated chili I made and dehydrated last week.. it was just like it was originally. yesterday I did sweet potato mashed. my plan is to make meals of most everything I am cooking anyway for use in the outside world. I am going away for Thanksgiving, and now I will be able to bring my meals easily. 



Two Years gluten-free And Now New Issues

28 September 2014 - 03:34 PM

I have been gluten free very strictly for almost 2 years. I know I am not getting glutened because I don't eat anything I didn't make myself, with the exception of a restaurant that is completely gluten, dairy and soy free. I found out 2 months after going gluten-free that I was allergic to dairy and soy. I felt so much better after cutting out gluten - my symptoms were severe brain fog and dizziness. but when I was still nauseous and had horrible heartburn, I went to an allergist and she did food testing, which resulted in food allergies to the dairy and soy. so once I cut those out I was golden. 


so fast forward to now.. I have been getting extreme bloating and low level symptoms. I feel like it may be corn, or white potato related. so


here is my question, can this sensitivity occur after 2 years gluten-free? I read alot that the gut heals and more foods might be tolerated, but this is going the other way. I'm completely fine cutting out these foods and giving it a whirl to see if it improves, but I am just surprised by it. 




Thanks for being here! 

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