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In Topic: Does Anyone Here Know Anything About Salmonella?

03 January 2013 - 01:05 AM

I had Salmonella this summer, the lingering issues is what led me to this forum. Although I am pretty much 100 percent now it took me like 5 months to feel good. The thing with salmonella, and any other bacterial infection is that it is not always as strong in one person as the other. Remember, it kills some people, while others don't even know they had it. It took my gut quite a while to digest dairy again and has only now after 6 months really started to digest properly again. If you are unlucky enough the residual effects of Salmonella can last up to a year.

Oh wow thats good that you're feeling better now. What kind of symptoms did you have when you were recovering? I don't feel like mine resemble salmonella at all

In Topic: Does Anyone Here Know Anything About Salmonella?

02 January 2013 - 02:22 PM

Thanks guys, I'm hoping I will heal if I get an antibiotic but I'm now scared I may have SIBO or something... I haven't been treated yet because my doctor has been on holiday since Christmas eve and is only going to be back on monday so I guess I'll have to wait and see what happens

In Topic: Needing Help With A Rotation Diet

23 December 2012 - 01:53 AM

Thanks a lot Stri8ed your advice helps a lot. I'm not sure if I would be having delayed reactions because every time i cut out the food that I ate right before the reaction happened I seem to get better even if everything else I'm eating is the same so it seems like my reactions are pretty instant.

I am trying to do a rotation diet now, but I'm not having much success yet... I started the diet yesterday and didn't notice any stomach upsets, my stomach is always bloated but is slightly flatter if i don't eat anything bad so it was fine yesterday. But this morning i decided to eat just mango and grapes for breakfast and almost immediately my stomach got extremely swollen and full... I didn't feel like I was having any other digestive issues like I usually do when I discover a new intolerance, just really really bloated. I've been eating fruit throughout the week and haven't really noticed this happening and I haven't eaten mangos or grapes much at all so I don't think I would've become overexposed... I am just so confused with all of this I can't work it out. I am trying my best to not bother my stomach anymore, but the most random things cause problems it is so frustrating! I honestly can't believe how easy it used to be to eat food... Is being bloated from fruit a common thing or do I have another thing I need to avoid?

In Topic: Needing Help With A Rotation Diet

22 December 2012 - 03:04 AM

Thanks a lot guys I really appreciate the help. I'm also avoiding lectins at the moment because most of the food I've become intolerant to have high amounts of lectins and I'm scared to try anything else that does! I'm finding it very difficult to find things to eat for breakfast and having to rotate is making it much harder... I can barely even think of one thing!

Just wondering is it bad to eat things more than once in a day? Like can I eat chicken for lunch and dinner and then avoid it for the next few days and then eat it again or is that still too much? And is it possible to become intolerant of stuff like salt, pepper and oils? I use olive oil in almost everything but will I have to rotate that too? Sorry for all the questions I just really want to get better soon so I can have a normal life back and stop struggling with uni!! ><

In Topic: Elimination Diet And Weight Loss

06 December 2012 - 01:41 AM

There's a way to determine your delayed reaction allergies (so called 'intolerances') without losing an ounce. Determining allergies with elimination diets is difficult, because most food allergies are delayed reaction allergies. So it's difficult to figure out exactly what caused reaction symptoms. Also people assume certain foods are 'safe' to eat, while they eliminate 'questionable' foods for an elimination diet. However, you could be allergic to anything. Cane sugar, nutmeg and vanilla were total surprises for me.

A better way to determine allergies is the ELISA (enzyme linked immunosorbent assay) blood test for IgG, IgA and IgE mediated reactions to foods. Your blood is tested for reactions to over 100 commonly eaten foods or a group of vegan choices or a group of herbs and spices. I did all 3 panels, because I still had reaction symptoms after eliminating foods determined by the first panel of commonly eaten foods.

Interpretting the results can be misleading, if the doctor is unaccustomed to ELISA test results. Some people seem to react to many foods, but they will have a definite reaction pattern with some obviously strong reactions and many or a few or no low reactions. My doc frequently orders ELISA tests for his patients. He recommends that we look at the overall pattern of the test results. If you have no low results and a few high or high medium results, the latter are your 'allergy' reactions. If you have many low results, but a few high results, again, the latter are the true allergy reactions. Many people assume every test result means they must avoid the food. However, each person's pattern is different. So the overall highest results should be 'eliminated' from their diet. For example, I had no reactions to most foods on the 100 food panel, but had a low reaction to asparagus, a medium high reaction to egg and a high reaction to cane sugar. I can still eat asparagus and have no noticeable reaction. However, I have obvious bad reactions to eating egg or cane sugar.

Thanks so much for the advice! I would definitely rather do this than keep blindly eliminating all my food until there's nothing left! haha

Would it be better if I get this done through a GI doctor or someone other than my GP?

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