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Topics I've Started

Elemental Diet And Leaky Gut?

03 January 2013 - 04:23 PM


I've been posting a lot of topics lately because it seems like everyone here knows so much it's awesome! Anyway I'm considering taking an elemental diet for sibo and I'm not sure if many people would know about it, but can it be bad for leaky gut? I can become intolerant to anything I consume too much so am I able to become intolerant to these too or does this not happen since they are made for gastrointestinal problems and are predigested?

Thanks a lot!

Does Anyone Here Know Anything About Salmonella?

02 January 2013 - 01:27 AM


I went gluten intolerant about 5 months ago and started developing problems again with more food which I have been treating as a leaky gut. I went to the docs about two weeks ago to see if there's anything else going on and i got a stool test done and apparently I have salmonella. It's weird because the only time I can remember having really bad "D" or anything was a bit over a month ago when I tried a weight gainer protein shake and i didn't really have any other symptoms except abdo pain... My mum however was also having bad D at the same time but i didnt think it was related to mine because mine came very soon after i had the weight gainer

Anyway since then I've been having problems with food intolerances (undigested food, C or D after eating something I'm intolerant to, never ending bloating - i haven't not been bloated for about 4 months - pain and fatigue) My symptoms go on and off i guess depending on what i eat but just recently I was having trouble having a bowel movement for a few days without my usual intolerance symptoms and now i have D. Could any of this be related to the salmonella? Can it last that long or cause some of these symptoms? Can it create too much bacteria in the gut which can lead to this kind of thing? When I have researched about it apparently it usually only lasts up to a week but it might take longer for the gut to heal completely

Has anyone had any experience or know about this? I'd appreciate any info!

Needing Help With A Rotation Diet

21 December 2012 - 04:29 PM


I have been having symptoms of leaky gut for about 2 months now after getting better from a gluten free diet. Since it started I have switched to a whole foods diet and removed all dairy, corn, soy, eggs, rice, nightshades, nuts, legumes and grains and also coconuts, bananas and avocados. Since I have been trying to prevent weight loss while on this diet I had been eating A LOT of peanut butter, but then became intolerant to it after a while and decided to cut it out. I then switched to almond butter, but became intolerant to that too not long after. Because of this I decided to just cut out all nuts and legumes, but I'm wondering if that is necessary. If i have a reaction to almonds does that mean I'll have reactions to other nuts? Same with grains, I recently cut out white rice, so does that mean I should avoid all other grains like brown rice, quinoa amaranth etc. I'm just wondering because after 2 weeks of not eating banana after suspecting I was intolerant I decided to try eating one and got a pretty severe reaction, then the next day when I ate an avocado I had just as bad a reaction to that when I had been fine with them before. I'm pretty scared of experimenting with food that I'm not too sure of so I would just like some advice first from anyone who has any experience with this :)

Also I'm just wondering is it possible to have leaky gut without anything else like parasites or candida? My symptoms aren't too severe I just have fatigue, pretty bad swelling in my stomach and increasing intolerances that make me feel very sick for a day or 2. My stomach pain and gas went away after I dropped corn and milk, but I know I haven't improved much because other intolerances keep popping up

I would really appreciate any advice!

Leaky Gut Intolerances Help

10 December 2012 - 07:02 PM


I'm just wondering about what happens when you get a new intolerance with leaky gut? Does it make your gut go back to how it was when you first got leaky gut or does it heal faster when you cut it out? I'm thinking about going on a rotation diet so this won't happen anymore, but I already have barely anything to eat.

Also what supplements and digestive enzymes would help with leaky gut? Does L-Glutamine help a lot and are all brands safe or are there some that contain harmful ingredients?

Elimination Diet And Weight Loss

05 December 2012 - 04:41 PM

Is there any way to do an elimination diet without losing too much weight? I lost a lot of weight before I realised I was gluten intolerant and 5 months later (even though my stomach had healed after 2 weeks of going gluten free) I am having digestive problems again and losing weight. So far I've only eliminated corn, dairy, soy, oats and gluten (including any cross contamination) and I'm still having problems and losing weight. I'm eating a lot of peanut butter, nuts, avocados, olive oil, eggs, rice, meat and potatoes, but it's not even helping me maintain my weight

I'm worried that something I'm eating is still causing problems, but I'm very scared to cut anything else out and lose even more weight. I'm starting to feel like it's not worth trying to even figure out the problem if I'm going to keep losing weight... any suggestions?

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