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In Topic: What Are Brush Border Enzymes And How Do They Related To...

10 May 2013 - 06:07 PM

I have since switched to TriEnza with DPP IV Activity  made by Houston,

I found it has all that Digest Spectrum had except the Cellulase which I did not want. I feel like this works best for me .... 



I also do take 1 Beano capsule whenever I am eating cruciferous vegetables 

and I have no allergic reaction(thank God) to Beano, and it helps limit Gas/Bloating ... And 1 350mg 

Betaine HCL and i am now 42 and my belly is less bloated and more flat than when I was 22! ... I also feel like my food is digesting better and I seem to have more energy..... 


anyways, I think I am done with this subject of "Digestive Enzymes" for now as I have found what works for me,

my next project is get rid of my candida!

 Good Luck to you all! 

In Topic: What Are Brush Border Enzymes And How Do They Related To...

04 May 2013 - 03:34 PM

BTW, just wanted to add, I use this web site to look up Ingredients on enzymes:




Not saying to buy from them, I just use their site to pull up labels on all of the enzyme products when I want to look it up. Their web-site is the best I found so far for that purpose.

In Topic: What Are Brush Border Enzymes And How Do They Related To...

04 May 2013 - 08:01 AM



I found this: http://www.vivo.colo.../bbenzymes.html


It lists Glucoamylase (Maltase); Sucrase-Isomaltase; Lactase; and Peptidases.


I can't help about products, as I have been curious but haven't tried any. If you don't mind my asking, what enzymes did you use and what benefits did you experience?


Thanks for posting this, I'm wondering if I've got 'brushy borders' myself lolz...

Well the enzyme product I used is called Digest Spectrum by Enzymatica. but I am frustrated because I can see that it is not perfect for my body but helps alot! Another words there are some enzymes in it that my body can use very much and some not so much...

I wish there was a enzyme test that could measure all the digestive enzymes and stomach acids and bile in a person's body and tell me exactly which enzymes I need and exactly in what quantity  so I didn't have to do this trail and error with all these enzyme products!! But I guess this idea is way ahead of it's time! :)


But since I put up this post, I have been doing some research and trial and error by googling every enzyme that is in that formula of "Digest Spectrum" and educating myself on them.....Although I am not done, here is all my finding that I can share today:


1. Alpha Galactosidase(Helpful when taken with food) - . Digest Spectrum has 300 GaIU of this enzyme in it(Per 1 cap). This enzyme helps digest cruciferous vegetables. Interestingly enough, it is the main enzyme in the product "Beano" . Beano has 150 GalU per tablet, so I tried 2 Beano tablets because I wanted to use equal amounts. So I went ahead and bought some Beano and tried it with my food and it really helped with bloating. It does not cure bloating completely but helps! Especially because I have been eating Sauerkraut lately to boost my good bacteria, and sauerkraut is made from cabbage which is a cruciferous vegetable. 


2. DPP-IV (helpful when taken with food)- This is the enzyme that along with protease is suppose to help break down Gluten. Digest spectrum has 1,400 DPPU. So again I did some research to see if I can find this enzyme on it's own so I can try it and see what happens when I use it as a single enzyme,... I could not find it sold by itself like I did with Beano because I guess this enzyme has to be combined with protease to work, but it was obvious after a little reseach that this enzyme is the main componets of most Gluten Enzyme formulas out there such as Glutenease, Gluten Flam, Gluten Digest and........ I happened to have a 1/2 open bottle of Gluten Digest(by NOW) from a while back, so I got it out and started using it on it's own for a few days.... It helped alot with inflammation and gas... I don't eat anything with wheat anyways, but I eat Quinoa or Rice with 2 of my meals and the product helped with digesting those alot.




3. Cellulase(NOT helpful when taken with food) - This is the enzyme that helps digest fiber. It is also the main component of most products out there that is suppose to help with Candida cleanse. However, I highly suspect this is the enzyme that I don't need to take with food. Another words, when I said earlier that Digest Spectrum is not perfect for my body it is because it has this enzyme in it. This enzyme is usually combined with a few other enzymes to help cleanse candida. If you do some research and read some lables, you can see that Cellulase is the main component in most products that are geared towards Candida cleanse. Products such as Candex,  Candidase, CDX Yeast and many more enzymes geared towards candida cleanse all pretty much have this enzyme as their main components. But here is the reason why I wish it was not included in Digest Spectrum. You see, Cellulase works well on an empty stomach. This is why products such as Candex are taken 2 hours before eating in the morning or night... because it's suppose to go in the intestine on its own and break down the candida. But the formula "Digest Spectrum" is designed to be taken with a meal!............hmm, what to do?? Well, I also had some Candex that I used to take for candida. I decided to try to take a capsule with a meal instead of my usual way of taking Candex which is to take it when I wake up in the morning or before I go to sleep at night... and when I took it with a meal, it actually gave me more bloating and inflamation!..... this is why I know Digest Spectrum is not perfect for my body, because it has Cellulase in it and I only should take that enzyme on an empty stomach... but I have no choice with Digest Spectrum because it's already in there


My Next project:

Xylanase - One of the things that Digest Spectrum does for me that I was puzzled about is that it enhances my mood! I realized after a couple of days of taking Digest Spectrum I was laughing more and not so easily irritated like I usually am. I could not understand how this was possible. So I stopped Digest Spectrum for a few days and the feelings of irritability came back!  Started it again and it went away! :) I knew there was something in that Digest Spectrum that was making me happy and I have been wanting to know what it is........ The biggest suspect is this Xylanase.... Again if you do some research and read some lables, you will see that Xylanase is the main component of most products that are geared towards digesting Phenols. The 2 main products made for that are: No Phenol (Houston) and Carbgest(Enzymatica)... so my next project is to buy one of these (either Np Phenol or Carbgest) and try and see if it enhances my mood like Digest Spectrum does...... Digest Spectrum has 20,000 XU of Xylanase, where as No Phenol has 32000XU and Carbgest has 38000XU




So basically, at this point in time, I have to do all this research so I can find out which enzymes my body really needs and at what quantity and should it be taken with a meal or on an empty stomach....... Hopefully, someday they come up with a test that can tell each individual what their body needs because what i can digest someone else can not!


Good luck to all! 

In Topic: Taking Combination Pancreatic Enzymes Vs. Just Protease!

02 January 2013 - 06:35 PM

Yes there's usually 10 things out of control you need to fix one at the time. It's very very complicated. You also need to fix all the mineral and vitamin deficiencies you will have developed thanks to years of absorption too. B12 and Vitamin D and the main culprits there + magnesium and probably Zinc but B12 and D make you either sleepy or have insomnia or even more likely both at once. When I start not being able to sleep before midnight I know my b12 levels are dropping, it's 100% accurate. I can also tell by the amount of sleep I need per night, as the b12 lowers the hours and minutes sleep I need sneak up

Thanks for reminding me about B12 and VitD... I was low on both of those when I had a blood test a year ago.. this was even before knowing I have leaky gut.. I just got a B12 shot last night and noticed my sleep improved the same night! I started taking VitD again too although that one does not seem to show any benefits right away for me.

In Topic: Taking Combination Pancreatic Enzymes Vs. Just Protease!

30 December 2012 - 04:26 PM

Just wanted to give an update,
I used protease by itself . It helped with digestion as did the combo panc. enzymes, but it caused constipation again...and as before, after a few days the constipation would cause low energy and then feeling down.... I then tried a bit OX Bile 125mg capsule with it and it solved the constipation problem. So all this time, I had a 2nd problem that needed to be addressed... The problem was not the enzymes, it was that in my case there must be some bile obstruction from the gallbladder that was causing constipation in the first place....

I guess this is why fixing Leaky Gut is so difficult. There could be multiple patterns doing on at the same time , and they need to be dissected one by one and a complete and unique solution needs to be put together to work for the individual.

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