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In Topic: Dealing With Depression

02 July 2014 - 09:35 AM

Hi Colleen! I've been on the forum for about 20 months and I can't tell you how many times I've picked up life-altering suggestions on all manner of Celiac conundrum. I'm so grateful this community exists.


And, I really thank you for your thoughts below. These are all great suggestions that I'm going to spend some time on. 


As for the probiotics, I've gone through a bunch and ended up using Accuflora which really did change my life. It regulated my digestive system in a way none of the others did. I'm so grateful it exists.


And again, thanks again.


My best.



Hi ABQ and Welcome to the Forum.


If your eating as cleanly as you say then the depression may not be from Celiac?  Did you suffer from this before your diagnosis or did it start after?  Are you depressed because you only eat 5 foods?  Do you have other health conditions?


You can try learning "Mindfulness",  exercising more, guided meditations, calming music, buy yourself some flowers.  You may want to consider seeing a therapist.  Aside from "talk" therapy, they can do other therapies like "EMDR".  If your depression becomes too severe you may have to consider a mood stabilizer.  You can start taking a good fish oil supplement now.


For the food issue.  Are you taking a probiotic?



In Topic: Dealing With Depression

02 July 2014 - 02:22 AM

What about anyone else. Does anyone suffer from depression because of celiac? How do you get out of a terrible day?

In Topic: Dealing With Depression

02 July 2014 - 02:20 AM

I thank you so much for the ideas. I have had the thyroid tests and been tested for vitamin deficiencies.

I also have intolerances for soy and dairy but completely avoid them. All I eat are eggs, ham, rice, chicken, and hello.

In Topic: Dealing With Depression

01 July 2014 - 08:53 AM

Hi. Thanks for all the thoughts. I had antibody tests and endoscopy to confirm diagnosis. My antibody's went from >225 to 10 and have remained. I'm awfully sure I'm not getting glutened as I'm a neat freak and a nut about keeping things separate, but of course it's a possibility.


Veggies don't do well with my stomach, causing flatulence and bathroom time! I am trying to get a few carrots and peas into the mix, but they always give me trouble. Fruits, too, except for ripe bananas.


Trial and error, I guess. I do keep a daily food diary and login everything in and everything out. Patterns sometimes seem to develop but then fall apart. Plain boiled chicken is great for a week, and then 3-5 hours after eating it I'm laid out.


I've just found ANOTHER new GI/Celiac doc in a neighboring state who I'll start seeing soon, and I hope to get some new perspectives. (Had to give up on New Mexico doctors as NM has 2nd worst access to medical care generally, and even my own primary care and GI doctors often take 12-15 weeks for an appt.)


Thanks again.

It sounds to me like you may be getting glutened some where or perhaps reacting to one of your 'safe' foods. Do you have a significant other that consumes gluten? If so do they brush their teeth well before kissing? Do you have pets that eat gluten food? Do you work around gluten? Do crafts with products that may contain gluten? 

Have you had your antibodies checked, if you were diagnosed with positive blood work? If not you may want to have them checked and if those levels have gone down perhaps you doctor can help you figure out what is going on.

Do add in some fresh or frozen veggies and fruits. those are going to be for sure gluten free and you need more than just protein and carbs in your diet. 

Wtih the way your symptoms are hitting a food, symptom and activity log may be very helpful. Some reactions can be delayed. It sounds like your body is purging itself every few days and it may take another few days for the reaction to build up again. The log may help you see a pattern in something you are doing or consuming.

I hope you are feeling better soon.

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