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Member Since 06 Dec 2012
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#870463 The New Celiac Drug Is Out There

Posted by on 24 May 2013 - 07:25 AM

I'll pass. Why should I take a drug that will cost me money, force me to see a doctor, probably give me side effects, and may even cause real harm (anybody remember the hormone replacement therapy all the doctors wanted us on?), when I can stick to a gluten-free diet for free and with no harmful effects?


I think I'd try it because I find it difficult to eat gluten free everywhere, travel, out for an evening, etc. I simply miss bread. I hate to be such a weenie, but for me, there's nothing like real bread. If the testing goes well, I'll be in line to try the drug.

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#848751 3+ Months. Hope.

Posted by on 16 January 2013 - 05:43 AM

I'm a 50+ year old man. For more than 4 months I suffered severe nausea and diarrhea. After countless tests of various types, I scored >225 on both antibody tests. Before we did an endoscopy, I switched to a gluten free, dairy free diet.

The first 10 days were terrific. I felt a lot better immediately. But then for 2 months I had good and bad times. The nausea still sometimes chased me to my bed where I would spend 3-4 hours 5 days of the week. And certain fatty foods still made me sick, even gluten free.

Over the past month I've had more improvement. I have now had 12 days nausea free, and the diarrhea has stopped.

I'm getting used to the limited dietary choices - thank God for bacon and eggs! - and I feel better by miles from before I was diagnosed and in fact for years before.

My gastro tells me I've probably suffered stomach upset for years because I was undiagnosed. (More toast and crackers, I used to say when I was first sick, and of course that made me worse.)

It's a pain. Eating out is hard. Traveling can be nearly impossible. But Glutino nutrition bars and Mi-Del cookies have saved me on the road many times! Rice, ahhh, the most important meal of every day.

I don't wish this on anyone; it can be severely limiting. But feeling good is the best revenge on the damn gods of celiac.

Everyone, hang in there, especially those of you new to the diagnosis.

Good luck!
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