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Cross Contamination....suggestions Please!

14 January 2013 - 05:22 PM

Hello! I'm pretty positive my whole family has issues with gluten. We do not have a DX...only positive results from gluten-free diet. Myself along with my three children have been gluten-free for almost a year....with a few mishaps here and there. My husband only eats gluten out of the house with the exception of beer. I've posted about this on another post...my 10 year old son has been blinking his eyes and licking his lips until they are extremely chapped. This all started after returning home from a vacation in October. We were not gluten-free on vacation. (his twin was DX with a low wheat allergy and this is why we started gluten-free....he had a rash and going gluten free cleared it).
So, he has been blinking (hard blinks similar to tics) since October. We go back to eating gluten free and he finally stopped blinking on 1-4-13!! YAY!! :)
We went shopping and my husband wanted to go out to eat the next day (1-5-13). My husband called the restaurant (flaming amy's burrito barn)
and was told they had a few items that were gluten-free.
We arrived at the restaurant (after a few hours
of shopping and with starving kids) and the gluten-free
option is hamburger in a bowl topped with
lettuce and cheese. To avoid total meltdowns
(from all 4...lol, husband included) we ordered a
taco salad with chips. It was gluten-free but the chips
were fried in the same oil as gluten battered
meats....I know it was a terrible mistake! We left
and went to whole foods to do some grocery
shopping.....all 4 practically ran to the bathroom
as soon as we arrived ;) I'm dizzy and have a very noisy stomach. We leave the store and go to the next (approxamently 1 hour after eating). At costco my son starts blinking again and by Sunday his lips are chapped again. My youngest also starts licking his lips until they are chapped as well.
1-11-13 his blinking seems to be almost gone and lips are heeled again!
We have company over the next day (1-12-13) and I do all the cooking....but they thought it would be nice to bake gluten-free cookies and bring them over (gluten home). Well, blinking is back and lips are getting chapped again....ugh!
Now, is it possible to be more sensitive to trace amounts after being gluten-free for a year. Does this happen with NCGI?? Or could this be more like celiac??
I have my husband an appointment to get the full celiac panel done and made sure he has increased his gluten intake at work. He is eating two sandwiches, crackers, pretzels, and cereal daily until his test (next Friday) and he has gained almost 10 pounds (in 2 weeks). He is bloated, pimples everywhere, undigested food in stool, having muscle spasms in arms, and tired!
I do want to have the kids tested but I will wait for summer break. They are foggy brained when on gluten!

Strange Bumps?

18 December 2012 - 08:16 AM

Does anyone know what these flesh colored/salmon colored, round, and mostly flat bumps are called?? Has anyone else ever had these?? These are pictures of my four year old son's hand....

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

They are hard to see....sorry.

Could This Be Celiac?

06 December 2012 - 11:33 AM

Hello, I'm not sure where to begin but I'll try...
This is about my 10 year old son (he is a twin born at 32 weeks and had "eczema" untill 2/3 years old). He had his tonsils and adenoids out when he turned five because they were enlarged due to reaccurring ear/sinusitis infections. Soon after surgery and right after starting school he contracted a MRSA infection on his finger that was cleared with draining and antibiotics then, (about 3 months or so) he developed a dry patch on his scalp. I just treated it with dandruff shampoo for several months but it was not clearing it up. Then I noticed it was sticking to his scalp (almost like it "oozed" over night?). We saw a dermatologist and was told seborrea dermatitis. He was sent home with a RX shampoo Nizoral. We used the shampoo as prescribed and there was no change in his scalp. Since we were told that there was no cure for SD, we just continued to hope the shampoo would help soon..

Then when he was about 7 years old he develped a rash behind one ear (he still had the patch of SD on his scalp). The rash was red, scaly and also seemed to "ooze" at night. He never complained about it but I did often catch him scratching at it and his scalp. We saw the dermatologist and was again told SD. This time he was given a steriod RX and another RX for Nizoral shampoo. Neither one helped but the steriod did keep the ear rash under control.

October 2011(9 years old) we started following the Feingold Program Diet. This diet takes out all artificial preservatives, dyes, and artifical flavorings which can all cause attention problems, hyperactivity, etc. (no add DX). They send you a guide book of approved foods/brands to follow....a shopping guide. Anyways, around 11/11 my son's symptoms were increasing....rash spreading(both ears, inside ears, neck, scalp, belly button, penis) he constantly was scratching his butt, sneezing alot, complaining of headaches more often, white lines on all of his fingernails, and started to complain about tummy aches. I had been reading about allergies and rashes...and celiac symptoms, also Dermatitis Herpetiformis. We went gluten free for 10 days.I took him to his pediatrician and requested to have an allergy test (blood test ige) zinc level serum, and celiac blood test (ttg iga and total iga serum).....yeah, the doctors thought I was a nut..but he ordered them anyhow ;) The allergy test came back with low positives for wheat, corn, tomatoes, apples, oranges, tree and grass pollen and mold. The zinc was normal, and ttg iga was 2 (with a positive range of 3 and up) so it was also negative (now, I'm not sure if the 10 days of gluten-free affected the test). He was also tested for pinworms....thankfully that was negative!

1/12 We finally got in to see an allergist. The allergist did a skin prick test that resulted in the same positives except wheat, oranges, and apples. He then did a 48 hour patch test for wheat that was positive. The allergist told me that it was very unlikely that any of these positives were causing the rashes and my son could continue to eat them?? So, I decided to try gluten-free again. I made the whole house gluten-free and in 2 weeks his rash that started at age 5 was GONE!! He still had the other symptoms but no rash! We continued the gluten-free diet for 3 months with no signs of the rash returning.

In July 2012 at my youngest son's birthday party we had hotdogs with regular buns....so I thought it would be a good time to test gluten back in. Well, 5 days later my son's rash was coming back (his twin brother also started getting the same rash at this time....he also had been gluten-free since 1/12) So, we went back gluten free.....and the rash cleared on both boys!

9/12 I noticed all of my son's symptoms were gone!!

10/12 We went on vacation, and the gluten-free diet went out the window. I waited the 5 days and there was still no rash??? So, I continued to allow gluten. It was 11/12 before the rash started to come back, so again we are gluten-free.

Now here is the strange part.....his twin brother never had a rash untill July 2012(which also went away going back to eating gluten-free....we have been gluten-free since right after Thanksgiving) However he had ITP when he was 4 and he was admitted because his platelet level was under 7000. He was covered with petechia and bruses....I was one scared mom. His ITP resolved without medication in 6 months and has not returned. Also, at age 6 he had his tonsils and adenoids removed. In 11/11 he started blinking constantly. I had his vision checked and everything was normal....doctor told me it was a nervous habit and I should'nt draw attention to it. Anyhow, the eye blinking stopped over the summer (possibly because of gluten-free?). Now, since coming back from vacation he has started blinking again....it's hard blinks, and he says he can't stop them. I also had him tested for allergies, celiac, and zinc(yes, he has white lines on all fingernails too) at the same time I had his twin brother testes.....His allergy panel was only positive for tree and grass pollen...no foods. His zinc was normal. His celiac ttg iga was also 2 but his iga total serum was abnormal (slightly higher than the normal range) Also, now all three of my kids have small red bumps on their (3)hands and (2) on each arm....it's strange.

I should also add that my husband also has bad "acne" at 38 years old, high blood pressure(takes daily RX), has had 3 MRSA infections, scalp bumps that itch, and foot/ankle joint pains (plantar fasciitis).

I can not figure out how to post pictures???

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