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In Topic: Atypical Symptoms; 1 Monthly Attack

12 December 2012 - 03:29 PM

And the main worst part of it is 10 hrs or less? (7am-5pm)
I think it'd be unlikely for a straight gluten issue to then be ok for another month.

Thanks for the reply. The monthly attack business definitely seems to be the wild card in all this, making it difficult to pinpoint which foods are potential triggers (I kept a food journal for months and saw no obvious pattern) - I looked at lyme symptoms, thanks for the idea, but I dont seem to have (m)any of them.. certainly no joint pain, heart issues etc.. I did meet a reindeer in summer 2011 during a trip to Alaska.. do ticks thrive in cold wet climes??

I saw the gastro. this week and he suggested either another food intolerance or it could well be gluten. It seems suspect that I managed to avoid an attack my very first month of eating gluten-free and that my foot rash (which isnt the characteristic lyme bulls eye) has also disappeared. He thought perhaps the attack I had in october 2011 was true food poisoning which has set me up for ongoing sensitivity and I should try taking a probiotic. He offered no other diagnoses - IBS, etc. Im having the gastroscopy next week, but because my bloodwork doesnt seem to show malnutrition, Ill probably come up negative for celiac.

I just about fell off my chair when the other guy suggested celiac as the link to my memory problem...given the context of hypothyroidism...plus this blistery rash..its definitely adding up in my mind, particularly because im DESPERATE for an explanation about my peabrain.
Id have to have been bitten by a tick YEARS ago and it seems the symptoms would have become much worse over time than they currently are, but Im keeping an open mind since nobody knows anything for sure yet!

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