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14 Month Old With Concerning Symptoms

09 December 2012 - 07:39 PM

Celiac disease runs loosely in my family so it has always been on the back of my mind for my son, but it is becoming an alarming reality and I would love some input from y'all. My son is 14 months old and has been difficult since day one. We battled severe reflux and gas issues for the first 6 months of his life while he was exclusively breast fed (I was eating gluten). At 6 months, we started only fruits, veggies and oatmeal (all homemade purées) until he was 9 months along with breastmilk and water only. That was possibly his best period for his tummy. At 9 months we introduced gluten containing convenience foods due to a cross country move and being out of town and that is when we started noticing more problems. His otherwise normal poop became looser and contained sandy/grainy pieces that were nearly impossible to clean off of him unless I gave him a bath. He also began getting chronic diaper rashes (this has always been a problem but it got worse bc it pooping became much more frequent.) He also became extremely fussy and when I would take him to hourly care during my workouts the girls would always say he cried like his tummy was hurting or he was constipated. I wrote it off bc he pooped so often and just thought they were wrong. They weren't. His fussiness was unbearable! I then started him on a mostly gluten free trial diet at 11 months just to see how he did and within 4 days his grainy poop was gone, he was sleeping through the night again rather than waking up with gas pains, and he was pleasant and happy again. We never went entirely gluten free, but strongly reduced it until about a month ago and he seemed to be improving. We would notice if he had a good bit of gluten that he would get exczema on his face, his poop would be grainy and he would get fussy again but nothing else. He got a stomach bug a month ago and the only thing he would eat was bread and crackers so I gave in. We continued a non-gluten free diet for about 3 weeks out of convenience and he was miserable every day. He maintained the worst diaper rash I have ever seen and was always upset and clingy. He also became lactose intolerant after the virus which has thrown us off. My husband and I did not consider gluten as the culprit until about 2 weeks ago but took it out immediately when we did. Everything improved immediately. No more diarrhea (became a symptom), diaper rash, eczema, fussiness. Well, he has had high gluten containing foods twice since then and both times has had terrible bouts of green diarrhea with partially digested food chunks in them. This is new and had never really happened until after the virus. Our issue is that bc he is so young we cannot get an accurate diagnosis. Suggestions? We are military and his pediatrician on post won't even consider gluten intolerance or Celiac bc he "has never heard of someone being born with it and having it this young." I just keep noticing it that the longer that he is off of gluten then the more it hurts him when he is exposed to it. He is such a wonderful, bright and pleasant child off of gluten but when he is on it, his behavior is nearly unmanageable. He is terrible and also miserable and I'm just at a loss. Suggestions?

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