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Help With Cp Results?

09 December 2012 - 08:25 PM

My daughter had a celiac panel done in 2010. I was told the results were neg. so we left it at that. She has been having API s again so I had them run another panel, new doctor. I don't have the new results back yet but here are the ones from 2010. Can you tell me what you think?

Gliadin Antibody IgA - H 83 normal high Less 20
Gliadin Antibody IgG - 19 normal,high less 20
Tissue Trans AB IgA - H 28 normal high less 20
Tissue Trans AB IgG - 18 normal high less 20

And yes I did bring these results to the new doctor -though her doctor was more consernd about the urinalysis report so she focused on that. They are supposed to be calling me,with an appointment for a GI referral today Also
I had my son tested in 2010, all his results were less than 20 excepts for the Gliadin Antibody IgA which was 27. I will be bring him back to have him rested. He has been having increased stomach pains for the past month. My son also was dx with leukemia at the age of 21, received chemotherapy for 3 years, is now cancer free. My youngest daughter also had leukemia, dx at the age of 3 1/2 , passed away 2007 at the age of 11 due to complication from the bone marrow transplant. My oldest daughter has had a few stomach issues, nothing too bad, will also have her tested. All my labs were normal. We have suspected celiac or crohns with my husband though he has never been tested

The panel was ran on Friday afternoon, I'm not sure how long it takes for results. I will be calling when they open this morning. .

H. Pylori AB Negative

My daughter is also having some kidney issues the last few weeks, currently waiting on repeating an urinalysis. I won't list those labs unless someone here knows something about those results. From the searching I've done this weekend I found that celiac can be linked to kidney disease?
Thank you!

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