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In Topic: What In The World Is Going On With My Body

18 July 2013 - 06:35 PM

This could be your body flushing toxins out ESPECIALLY if you are taking alot of probiotics, and especially if you feel better after the diarrhea. I've experienced this alot myself while taking quality probiotics.  Maybe slow down on the probiotics and make sure to keep electrolytes up and stay hydrated.

In Topic: Irritated Colon

18 July 2013 - 05:44 PM

Has anyone been so bad that they can't tolerate fibers? My colon just goes havoc if I eat anything but rice and oats. I can't even eat husk, it goes trough in 2-3 hours. 


Just wondering if someone has the same experience.



My colon is irritated by everything except meat and fat. I try to avoid all plant foods as much as I can.

In Topic: Iron Deficiancy Anemia

18 July 2013 - 08:32 AM

I have been taking iron supplements for over 6 months and I regret it alot.  If I could go back and not take them, and just treat the anemia with diet, I would. Those iron pills encourage the growth of pathogenic bacteria who feed iron.  Quitting the iron supplements has been very hard on me. 


Eat some liver. It is not as horrible as you think. Cook it extremely rare, and eat it with onions. It's not my favorite food but if not overcooked it tastes fine to me. Chicken liver is great especially, it has a higher iron content than beef liver and less vitamin A than beef liver so you can eat a little of it every day. Liver is better than any pill for anemia. The pills do not have all the b vitamins and vitamin A, which has been linked to iron much in the same way that vitamin D is linked to calcium. Anemia is not just about iron, it's a vitamin deficiency as much as a mineral deficiency. 


If you absolutely can't do liver atleast do red meat. I found that one of my favorite anemia foods is very rare beef with a salad. 


Avoid too many dairy products, coffee, tea, nuts, too many dark greens. These foods all have things that block iron absorption. Meat is your best friend.

In Topic: Stuff People Say To Celiacs

10 March 2013 - 05:52 PM

I don't know if anyone has shared this video here before but I just ran across it on youtube and I thought it was hilarious, mostly because I have heard about 99 percent of everything on this video. Just a little bit of humor to brighten your day :]

Heres another one "Stuff Celiacs Say"

I laughed so hard at the first one, that's what my grandma sounded like when she found out I had celiac.  The bottom one sounds like me sometimes too. :P

In Topic: Worried About Starvation

07 February 2013 - 04:35 PM

Here's specific links if you can't find them locally:
http://www.pureformu...e-research.html they say you can take up to 3/day, but i find that they make me sleepy so i take one at night. that's enough. you can take more at once, but maybe try one first to make sure you can get up in the morning. if you aren't deficient in tryptophan, you'll find it doesn't do anything. when i discovered them i gave some to several friends to try out - they weren't deficient and it didn't really do anything for them. but for both my son and i, they're incredibly helpful to both mood and sleep.

http://www.enzymedic...cts/Digest_Gold i'm prefering the Digest (medium strength) and Digest Basic (least strength) better.


if you can't find them locally, you can get all of these online fairly quickly. let us know how you do with them! i'll be curious!

I got the regular Digest kind. I think they are helping, but I think I am specifically having a problem digesting fat now. I'm going to try to get one specifically for fat digestion next time, because I take alot of these with a fatty meal. Also I was fortunate to find all kinds of Enzymedica enzymes at my Whole Foods.

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