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In Topic: Wheat In Nz And Australia Has No Affect On Me

16 January 2013 - 11:40 AM

Thanks to all who have replied recently.

One possibility is that I am similar to cavernio who said he doesn't know when he has eaten wheat. Perhaps it is actually corn that creates the reactions that I feel. There is corn in many products in USA (in various forms) but perhaps not so in NZ and Aus. This might explain what I experienced.

I am now also ellliminating corn from my diet, so far with good results.

So my diet presently is Gluten free, Oats free, and now corn free. Is there anything else to be wary of? I am eating rice, quineo, and sorghum. Is any of that a possible concern?

In Topic: How Come Gluten Didnt Bother Me In Italy

21 December 2012 - 04:34 PM

Hello Leeloff,
I only just saw this thread and I have been discussing a similar thing in a post of my own. I was recently diagnosed but just prior to that (and again recently) I had been having issues in USA but went to Australia and NZ and felt no reaction to any wheat products there. Based on that, I was convinced I couldn't have celiacs. I brought some Aus flour back to try at home, but everyone thinks that would be a bad idea. It's so confusing when some things have no reaction but are presumably doing damage.

In Topic: Wheat In Nz And Australia Has No Affect On Me

21 December 2012 - 07:46 AM

Thanks all. Sorry it took me a little while to get back here.

Thanks anababanakins (like that name!).

For those who are sensitive to corn, I would like to know if it is all forms of corn products, such as corn syrup, HFCS, corn juice, or just the corn flour an corn meal type products? I have eliminated most corn from my diet and feel better although sometimes I feel I am chasing my tail. I might try reintroducing gluten-free Oats because it is possible I eliminated them when I didn't need to.

In Topic: Wheat In Nz And Australia Has No Affect On Me

16 December 2012 - 10:10 AM

Thanks Mushroom, GFinDC, and Butterfly,

I never knew Celiacs was so complicated. The handouts from the doctor just talk about wheat and Gluten.

Gfin, I like your idea about living in Aus. Unfortunately, it won't happen in the near term.

Butterfly, I think I probably am reacting to something else in USA. The confusing part for me is that I felt better (perfect) in NZ and Aus on an eat-anything-diet than I do here in USA on a gluten-free diet. I have already eliminated oats (I was having gluten-free oats in breakfast) and now I am trying to eliminate corn also (which is extremely hard in USA). That doesn't leave much for breakfast, other than rice, flax and Quinoa.

I saw some spelt bread in whole Foods yesterday. I didn't buy it, and I don't expect they have that in Australia, but I am suspicious that Aus might have different (perhaps not GMO) wheat. I would be really happy if someone knew that answer, even if it is not a solution, it is still a useful clue to understand things.

By the way, my antibodies were high and my Villi damaged. Do you people normally have repeated tests at some future point to judge your recovery?

Gfin, I am looking at your list of tips. Let me ask one thing: I have regular natural yoghurt. Does that give me probiotics?

Excellent forum. Hope I can give back at some point.

In Topic: Wheat In Nz And Australia Has No Affect On Me

13 December 2012 - 07:06 PM

Thank you all for your replies.
I still have a lot to learn.

My problem is that I feel better when eating whatever I want in NZ and Australia, than I do in USA on my gluten-free diet. I want to understand why so that I can do the best thing for my health.

If no outward signs doesn't equate to no damage, then how will I ever know if my diet is effective?

Since my gluten-free diet while in USA is not totally working for me (it has helped a lot, but not completely) then I must be sensitive to something additional that I haven't been able to pin down yet, or else I am still getting gluten somewhere in my diet.

When I first went to Australia I hadn't been diagnosed (only suspected) but since then the doctor has confirmed damaged Villi.

I keep trying to eliminate things from my diet to see what helps, but the conflicting indications I got from my visit to NZ/Aus really confuses me. Could it be possible that something other than gluten causes the same type of damage? Or that i am sensitive to some gluten and not others?

From messages on this forum, it looks like some people have very complex issues. Perhaps my experience in Australia is just misleading me. But how do you find out what affects you and what doesn't? Is it just through elimination and experimentation?

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