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In Topic: New To Group -- Do You Think I Have Celiac?

04 January 2013 - 04:42 PM

Okay, so I'm answering my own question here -- I just found this on the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness site:

Does having non-celiac gluten sensitivity increase your risk of developing other autoimmune disorders?'

Dr. Leffler: We don’t know 100%, but I would say that the fact that it doesn’t appear to share the genetic predisposition for celiac disease (that HLA-DQ2 and DQ8 which seem to be autoimmune predisposing), suggests that [non-celiac gluten sensitivity] is not likely to be as associated, if at all, with other autoimmune conditions. And I think, again, there’s been very little work done in this area, but the little work that has been done sort of suggests this as well – that there’s not an increased risk of autoimmune diseases in the non-celiac gluten sensitivity picture, but I think that clearly this is still a work in progress.

[During the webinar, a spot poll revealed that 8% of attendees reported having non-celiac gluten sensitivity and an autoimmune disorder. Dr. Leffler was asked to address this.] Dr. Leffler: Autoimmune conditions of various sorts are pretty common in the general population, thyroid disease being the most common. But if you add them all up, 5-10% of the general population will have some autoimmune disease, so the 8% of people in the audience with non-celiac gluten sensitivity really is about population level.

Maybe this will help answer someone else's question, as well! :)

In Topic: New To Group -- Do You Think I Have Celiac?

04 January 2013 - 03:59 PM

Thanks, Maureen. I appreciate your input. I know we're all on our own gluten-free journeys, but so much of our stories overlap, and it helps to hear from others fighting some of the same battles. I've looked at Dr. Osborne's site -- he's in the Houston area, as am I. I'm struggling enough at the moment with avoiding gluten, dairy, and soy. Once I've got those down (and it's getting easier every day), then I'll look at the possibility of sensitiviy to other foods -- and possibly to other grains. Corn may be an issue for me.

I posted a question in another forum, but maybe I'll try again here. Does anyone know if other autoimmune disorders coincide with non celiac gluten intolerance? Or just with Celiac?

In Topic: Using Back After A Forum Search

30 December 2012 - 11:52 AM

Thanks, I'll try both suggestions!

In Topic: Two Yr Old Daughter Is Homozygous For Dq2 Gene - What To Do Now?

17 December 2012 - 06:43 PM

My 4 yr old son had elevated gluten antibodies in his blood and in scheduled for an endoscopy/biopsy on the 10th of Jan.

I decided to get my daughter tested for the gene (via cheek swab aka buccal smear).

They found that she has 2 of the DQ2 gene which, according to the internet, means she has 1/3 chance of developing celiac.

We plan to go gluten-free as a family after my son's biopsy so if I need to get my daughter tested then it should be done now. My son's gastroenterologist is out of office and Christmas is so close. I need to know what to do right away. If I get her to do a blood test she will be really upset. She is scared of strangers and hates being touched. But I also would like to get it sorted now.

Also, anyone know more detail about what it means to be homozygous with DQ2? I read there's increased chance of refractory celiac and lymphoma.

I really don't know about the complications of having two copies of the DQ2 gene, but can imagine they could be serious. I'm SO glad you have learned this while she's still so young. She's a very lucky little girl to have a mommy that is staying on top of these things and caring so well for her and the rest of her family.

Tough question about what to do next. I guess, in your shoes, i would contact gastroenterologist as soon as he/she is back in the office. Maybe your daughter's test can be scheduled quickly?

Good luck to you, whatever you decide to do.

In Topic: New To Group -- Do You Think I Have Celiac?

15 December 2012 - 01:50 PM

Eh, the treatments pretty much all the same. So it is possible for you to have celiac or NCGI.

I agree ... Treatment is the same. I've already noticed that my reaction to gluten is more severe than before I stopped eating it. At least, I assume it was gluten cross contamination. No more eating out for me for awhile!

It would be nice to know for certain if I actually have celiac disease. But, as I said earlier, I'm not going back on gluten. So, with the immensity of the combined experience, learning, and wisdom here, I wanted your opinions. They're worth more to me than that of most physicians!

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