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In Topic: Help Interpreting Blood Work Please!

01 January 2013 - 06:24 AM

Thanks for your reply, I guess I will have to call and ask for hard copies sent. I'm frustrated by all this becuase no one has called and i feel the doctor was not too concerned with my symptoms and did my bloodwork in her office after seeing me, and now I read I should have been eating gluten for months, when I maybe had only 2 weeks of it in my system.

Maybe I could vent a little and get some feedback? :) the reason I went to the doctor is because I found I have sciatica - I run (now ran) 20 miles/week and injured my butt/leg from a new pair of shoes 2 months ago, causing me enough pain I had to stop running. I quickly got depressed about 2 weeks into being unable to run and started eating all the regular culprits, pizza, pasta, bread, pastries, etc. Before my injury I did eat this food but only very small quantities, my main diet is meat, vegetables, and diary. So anyways I started bloating and gaining weight quickly. I realized how horrible I felt (constipated, hazy, blurred vision, more and more carb cravings, edema and major brain fog) and remembering how in other times in my life I have felt like this too when eating this food regularly.

Especially in my pregnancy, I had extremely severe edema (thought my legs and feet would almost burst open) and gained 70 pounds - I had stopped my regular diet and was eating VERY healthy following the food pyramid specifically. (doctors thought I was lying and living in a McDonald's. Also told me these are just regular preg symptoms, which I understand, but my swelling was so severe I felt something was wrong). So anyways Ive started reading about this and feel there is something to this, I almost want something to be positive just to have vindication that my problems are real and not just in my head.

I have some food allergies (mainly nuts now, outgrew allergy to mushrooms and egg whites) and I have almost every environmental allergy possible. Is there a correlation between these types of allergies and celiac? If I go to an allergist instead of a gp, are they more well versed and aware of celiac and food intolerances, and able to test or diagnose you? Or must you see a gp?

My mother has had asthma and now severe rheumatoid arthritis, also we are european. She ate carbs most her life, though, while I have cut them out as much as possible for at least 15 years. Now I am scared this type of diet can be a contributing factor to getting her problems? Also recently noticed after my son got spinach all over his face that there was a rash underneath that dried up and stayed red for two days. Autoimmune problems run in our family but when I mentioned that to my gp, she smirked.

Anyways very sorry to go on and on, just feeling confused and let down. Before my son, I would just go back to my meat and veg without a second thought, but now that am trying to feed him correctly, offering food from all the food groups, all this food in my face daily and I just don't know if it is okay for me or not. Also still cannot run which is contributing to all this, for whatever reason when I run I can resist eating these grains much better. Mainly I am so concerned if eating this food just makes me fat (which I can learn to deal with), or if it is going to cause me more serious autoimmune issues down the road.

In Topic: Help Interpreting Blood Work Please!

31 December 2012 - 11:36 AM

TissuetransglutAminase AB, IGA 1 reference Range u/ml
Umunoglobulin A 189 81-463 mg/dl
Gliadin (deamidated) AB (IGA) 5 Units

This is all the information I can now see posted online for my celiac panel bloodwork. Nobody has called me regarding my results so I am assuming this means I am negative? Could someone help me interpret what the above numbers mean?

In Topic: Testing For Food Intolerance/sensitivities

16 December 2012 - 06:14 AM

I have never been tested for celiac and AFAIK, I do not have any gluten issues. My daughter did (doesn't currently) but that's what brought me here.

Long story short with her, she was thought to have ADHD by her teachers. But I didn't believe this. After taking her to a variety of Drs., my mom's Naturopath finally said he could test her for food allergies. He did and said that she had quite a few. We changed her diet and it was like we got a new girl! Lots of things cleared up.

What he did was a blood test for IgG allerigies which most medical Drs. will say are not allergies at all but sensitivities or intolerances. We were told to have her restested in three years. But... We did not like this Dr. He charged many thousands of dollars for the test and insisted that we buy supplements from him that I thought we did not need.

So we went to an allergist who didn't believe in the IgG allergies but said that if the foods caused us problems, to avoid them. She tested us both and we were found not to have allergies to those foods. Technically, allergies cause a histamine response. And this can be life threatening. I was found to have OAS (oral allergy syndrome) to pistachios and almonds. But... The allergist only tested us for the specific foods that we were told we were allergic to. No others. Daughter is currently having stomach issues and the GP that she saw suspects food allergies or intolerances that we have yet to ferret out. The food allergies were tested for via a skin prick test.

We found another Naturopathy (now deceased) who tested my daughter twice (I think) and me once. Each time we were tested, we changed out diet.

Then we needed to be retested again but I couldn't find a Dr. to do it. So I did a hair test online. I know some people think this test isn't valid but it did seem to work for us.

I also have some other issues with foods that I do not test as having a problem with. But if they bother me in any way, I just avoid them. Like garlic in more than a tiny amount and melons.

Thank you for your story! Did your allergist do any blood testing or was it just pin pricks?

In Topic: Testing For Food Intolerance/sensitivities

16 December 2012 - 06:08 AM

Basically, the only difference i've heard between celiac and an intolerence is that celaic does damage due to being an AI disease.

People often times do elimination diets. Removing everything that could potentially be problematic and then slowly (once a week or so) adding an item back in.

So the cp test should show "intolerance", even if there is no damage?

The elimination test is difficult for me as I don't have great will power to resist the large amount of things I would test for, such as most carbs, starches and sugars. Also, other than edema and constipation, my symptoms are so subjective, such as a general overall feeling of being unwell and brain fog. It is just Not scientific enough for me and feels like self diagnosing. I know I feel great on just meat and vegetables, but at this point in my life I want to know if this is just a diet issue, or if there is an internal autoimmune response that can compound into further issues down the road.

In Topic: Sciatica

15 December 2012 - 01:49 PM

This is an interesting topic. I just got diagnosed with sciatica and am also waiting for results to see if I have celiac. It will be interesting if there is a connection.

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