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Ikea Restaurant - Small Breakfast - Potatoes Have Gluten

21 December 2012 - 12:39 PM

Just spoke to the manager on the phone of the Ikea Restaurant. The small breakfast that they sell that has eggs, bacon and hashbrowns is NOT gluten free. The potatoes have gluten.

Costco Kirkland Weight Loss Shakes (11 Fl Oz, Sold In Flats Of 24)

21 December 2012 - 08:08 AM

Just called Costco to verify the Costco Kirkland Weight Loss Shakes (11 fl oz, Sold in Flats of 24) are in fact gluten-free.

Why they don't just print that on the label then?

Carl's Jr. - How Do I Get Them To Not Cross-Contaminate While Making My Gluten Free...

16 December 2012 - 10:47 AM

Went to Carl's Jr. last night and ordered 2 items that were listed on their webpage as gluten free:

* Low-carb 6-Dollar Burger (instead of a bun it has lettuce wrapped around it)
* Natural Cut Fries

I watched closely as the lady on the grill in the back made my order. She used the same gloves, same place on the surfaces as where "bunned" burgers had been...

What do you say, at the time of order, to get them to avoid this casual cross-contamination?

Diagnostic Testing History - Do You Think Its Celiac?

16 December 2012 - 10:22 AM

I have been so impressed with the people on this forum. Most of your insight and knowledge well exceeds that of any doctor I have encountered.

So I wanted to ask for your casual opinion on if I might have celiac?

I think I **might** have it, but frustratingly can't get an official diagnosis.

I'm trying to put the pieces of the medical symptom puzzle together here by looking back at my medical records.

I have always been a normal weight male. Family history of IBS & high blood pressure.

Here's my relevant medical history and my notes on why I think it **might** be undiagnosed life-long Celiac. These are simply my interpretations and my theory:

*** childhood - I was unusually short in stature and below the growth curve in height through age 17. Looking back this is might have been due to the malabsorption from Celiac.

*** Age 23 - Out-of-range Low HDL, despite poor diet. Diet at was high in fat, lots of fast food. Despite high fat diet which should lead to higher cholesterol counts on all cholesterol types, the HDL was low. Likely because of malabsorption.

*** Age 23 - Treatment of loose stools begins with drugs such as Levsin, Lomotil, cholestyramine, Bentyl (this goes on for about 2 years) - no notable reduction in the symptoms. No success.

*** Age 23 Out-of-range high C-reative protein in-conjunction with out-of-range high WBC and Absolute Neutrophils (likely because of a cold at the time of blood test). But perhaps the C-reactive protein is showing inflammation in the tissues of the small colon (?).

*** Age 24 - Blood test shows normal, except high triglycerides

*** Age 24 - Out-of-range gliadin AB IGG moderate positive. Perhaps this reading is because Celiac has caused inflammation in the tissues of the small colon.

*** Age 24 - Colonoscopy w/ biopsy & Endoscopy/Esophagogastroduodenoscopy w/ biopsy - all biopsy pathologies are normal, negative for celiac. FRUSTRATING!

*** Age 26 - Treatment with Lotronex & Immodium is tried and is effective.

*** Age 26 - As treatment proceeds, absoption increases and cholesterol levels rise - higher triglycerides, LDL.

*** Age 31 - Blood test shows trace protein in urine. Despite having suppressed the symptoms successfully with Lotronex and Immodium, the undiagnosed underlying celiac has started to damage kidneys.

*** Age 32 - As successful treatment with Lotronex & Immodium is well underway, Triglycerides are high. LDL at high end of range, HDL at low end of range.

*** Age 33 - Blood pressure has slowly risen from normal to 140/95 over a period of 10 years. Successful Rx treatment with atenlol begins.

What do you think? Is my interpretation totally off the wall? Could I have celiac?

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