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Help With Results

20 December 2012 - 05:01 PM

I recently had a scope to determine reasons for weight loss, fatigue, bloating, and dry itchy skin and psorasis. I obtained the lab results today but am unable to meet with the doctor until after the holidays. Could someone please help me interpret the results.

Biopsises of duodenum
-marked increase in intraepithelial lymphocytes
Comment: Sections from duodenum show marked increase in intraephithelial lymphocytes and expansion of lamina propria by mononuclear inflammatory infiltrate. Focal minimal activity and crypt abscess is also noted. Villous blunting is noted in well oriented duodenal villi. Clinical and serological correclation is recommeded to rule out Celia disease. H. pylor micro-organisms are nto identifed on routine stains in sections examined.

Biposies of gastric antrum:
-gastric antrum and body type mucosa with mild chronic gastritis
-negative for intestinal metaplasia, dysplasis or malignancy
-negative for H. pylori micro-organisms on routine and special stains

I also have vitilogo. It was my understanding that biopsy would be the determining factor for a diagnosis of Celiac, so am confused about the recommendation for bloodwork.
Thanks in advance.

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