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In Topic: Why Would Ttg Disappear?! Help!

29 January 2013 - 07:01 AM

what she said! thanks!

(i didn't say celiac's don't have antibodies, i said that just because you have antibodies to gluten, doesn't mean you have celiac disease.)

In Topic: Why Would Ttg Disappear?! Help!

28 January 2013 - 06:42 PM

celiac does not produce the gluten antibodies. 2 of my children have gluten antibodies, yet (according to the specialist) do not have celiac disease. your plasma cells (derived from B lymphocytes) make antibodies to certain foods. IF it attacks the intestines, it is called celiac disease. if it attacks other organs, it's called "non celiac gluten sensitivity".

i do not have a link for the 70% thing i mentioned earlier, read it somewhere. sorry i cannot back that up.

there are many tests done around the world that are not done here in america. there are many tests done here in america that doctors do not recognize. it does not mean it's not valuable. my daughter had an asthma attack everytime she ate dairy. specialist said she was not allergic to dairy, so i should give it to her. so just because american doctors don't recognize other reasons... then they don't exist? sorry, i don't buy that. stool testing is very sensitive, it's testing "right at the source", so to speak. if you have something going on in your intestines, your feces will reflect that.

we are just going to have to accept that we have a difference in opinion. doctors are not the almighty, in my book. there have been MANY instances in my life where i have done my own research, done my own testing, and healed myself, as well as my children, because doctors didn't want to listen (even my daughter's facial tics!). they only know what they are taught in medical school, and what their governing bodies tell them. (unless, because you are the board moderator, you tell me that i'm not allowed to mention any other testing than what is approved by the AMA; in which case, i will take my leave.)

In Topic: Confused...hurting...

28 January 2013 - 06:09 PM

my whole family just did the stool testing at EnteroLab. we got tested for gluten antibodies, tissue damage, nutrient malabsorption, as well as multiple food sensitivities. VERY sensitive tests!!!

In Topic: Test Results In, Please Help.

28 January 2013 - 05:59 PM

i know, but her other results were the same, so i thought it might be the same. but just in case it wasn't, i put the reference range in.

In Topic: Why Would Ttg Disappear?! Help!

28 January 2013 - 05:56 PM

ncgi is quite serious, as the gluten antibodies can attack other organs in the body.

so, we got the results of jeanna's blood tests back. her ttg igg after 2 weeks on gluten was a weak positive (9), but after 4 more weeks, was a positive (12). so the doctor said that she has celiac disease. remember that she was about 90% glutenfree for 4 1/2 yr prior to the testing. i got the stool testing done, as about 70% of full-blown celiac's antibodies don't show up in blood, while almost 100% show up in stool. and many get missed in biopsy testing, only to continue consuming gluten, and then show up with it later after many more years of tissue damage.

i know that she cannot eat gluten. after she did the 8wk trial, her leg muscles felt horrible!!! very shaky, weak, fatigued, painful. it took her 3 days off of gluten just to get out of bed without crying. it was horrible! plus she felt "funny" in her head, melting down, etc. SO glad she's off of it!!!

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