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Member Since 20 Dec 2012
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Topics I've Started

Why Would Ttg Disappear?! Help!

17 January 2013 - 06:22 AM

my daughter had a blood TTG of 9. (reference range was normal- 0-3, mild positive 4-9, positive 10.) this was after being on gluten for only 2 weeks (she's been about 80%gluten-free for the last 4 years). the pedi gi specialist said that he wanted to redo the test after a full 8 weeks on gluten to see if the numbers go up. if they do, she most likely has celiac disease. if the numbers stay the same or go down, she still MIGHT have celiac, but we don't definitly know. so, i just got the results back, and they are <2. wth?!!!!!!!!!!!!! why would they go DOWN?! why would she have been a 9 to begin with? ugh! any help would be really appreciated!!! btw, we got stool testing done from enterolab. results will be back within 3 weeks. i hear it's much more sensitive. i'm just so confused.

Doctor Said Anti-Gliadin Test Not Necessary!

02 January 2013 - 03:45 PM

so we saw the pedi GI specialist today. i asked him to order the full celiac panel for my son and youngest daughter and he said no. that it wasn't necessary. he only wants to oder ttg IgG and ttg IgA. i said "but my son doesn't have the genetics for celiac, like my daughter does, but i want to know if he has anti-gliadin antibodies to see if he is gluten-sensitive". and he refuses to order the full celiac panel. ugh. comments?! am i right...

+Igg, But -Iga?! Help!

20 December 2012 - 08:44 PM

Hi. i'm new here. lots of questions... please bear with me!

1. I'm gluten-free, as i was sick my whole life, nausous every single day, went gluten-free because i was nursing my 18mo, who i wanted gluten-free for neurological purposes, and i felt AMAZING!!! have eaten gluten here and there, and have always felt horrible, so gluten-free i am. got kids tested, and all 3 came up ttg IgG positive, but igA negative. the paper says that "celiac disease is unlikely when igA negative". and their total igA is normal (although on the saliva test, the oldest daughter had a ver depressed igA level, as in non-existant (<5, with reference being 25-60 normal, and 20-25 borderline), so how it came back normal in blood, idk...) pedi gi specialist appt jan 2nd. ***am wondering if anyone has ever heard of someone being ttg igG positive,but EVERY other test on a full celiac panel was negative!!! and still been celiac?***

2. hubby came out positive igA in the saliva test- which he refuses to admit is accurate. (18, with reference being borderline 13-15 and positive >15) i read somewhere that with that result, he has a 97% chance of having celiac disease. opinions?

btw, genetically, 2 girls and i are at high risk of celiac (dq2 heterozygous), hubby is moderate (dq8 heterozygous), and son is extremely low risk (dq2-,dq8-)

3. i had a 12 on the saliva test (with reference being borderline 13-15 and positive >15). this was after 3 years of being almost completely gluten-free. with cheating (a slice of pizza or half of bagel), maybe 1/month or every other month. for the 2 weeks before the test, i ate a slice of pizza, half a bagel, and 3 pieces of general tso chicken (breaded.). that's it. imo, if i ate only that amount, and i was only 1 point away from borderline, i would've probably been glaringly positive had i been eating gluten all along. ***opinions on that please!* several months ago, i ate a little gluten here and a little there, too many times, and all of my symptoms came back with a vengence. i was SO sick. so i went completely 100% gluten-free. i'm SO done with this! now i regret not getting tested when all of my symptoms were back, as i will NEVER do a gluten-challenge after feeling SO sick again! ugh...

any insight into anything i said would be greatly appreciated!!!!! thanks!!!

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