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In Topic: Insane Detox?

07 April 2013 - 11:27 AM

*UPDATE* 3-4 Months later.

Hi Everyone, I just wanted to update this post with some results.

I wrote in December regarding a SEVERE detox/post gluten free I was experiencing that was absolutely miserable.  HOWEVER, I remained strictly gluten-free (100% - I'm really REALLY careful) and I can happily say now that after 3-4 months, my skin and health are better than they have ever been.

My skin is CLEAR (okay, not perfect, whose is?) but compared to the cystic-acne nightmare that covered my back, arms, face, neck, chest, etc... I now only have small breakouts on my face. Something I consider 'normal' so I no longer feel like hiding in my basement.

I also have been able to start weening myself off more of the supplements I usually desperately needed. I was constantly depleted of magnesium and vitamin B -- and now I seem to be retaining it.    As a bonus - my hair is starting to grow back!!!  After surgery, other illness, etc.  my hair had thinned dramatically and I gave up thinking it would come back..  The only downside is the hair thats coming back - is grey haha.  I'm in my early twenties so that's thrilling, but hey! it's hair! :D

I hope this post helps others when they are deciding 'is all this gluten-free hasse worth it? I feel worse!' - there IS a light at the end of the tunnel. 

Goodluck to all of you, and best wishes for good health!


In Topic: A Thought On Supplements

13 January 2013 - 04:46 PM

My life was saved by supplements, before I knew to go gluten free. Special tests determined exactly which nutrients were needed for me. Interestingly enough, magnesium, potassium, vitamin B, were among them. They were doctor recommended supplements and a high quality product designed for max absorption.

By life saved I mean: My orthostatic blood pressure had an unhealthy curve. When I rose up after lying down the blood pressure would plummet and stay down. My blood pressure was 180/115 when resting. The supplements brought the orthostatic blood pressure to a normal curve. This meant it started low, went up as I stood, and recovered after a minute or two. Over time, my resting blood pressure came down to 110/70. I don't recommend just supplements, and not going gluten free, but high- quality- supplements, carefully, selected can do wonders.

PLease be careful with supplement selection. One can do several kinds of tests to determine their needs.

I strongly agree with you 1desperateladysaved - supplements were my life saver before I even knew I had a gluten intolerance. I was so low in magnesium and strangely enough b5 and a few other b vitamins that I was almost crippled completely. The lack of magnesium actually gave me an EXTREME migraine condition that worsened gradually as I got older (21 years of this!) until I was actually completely housebound. After that I had to take almost DOUBLE the amount of supplements - which gave me my life back! It was like a miracle!!!!

This actually led to finding out I was celiac! the question was, "Why am I so deficient and have to take SO MUCH via supplement to keep up?!" Answer = your intestines can't absorb it! super damaged!

Hopefully once I'm more healed, I can pull back on the dosage.


In Topic: Insane Detox?

28 December 2012 - 02:06 PM

Wow... I'm sooo sorry to hear that!!! You may have already done this, but have you done a serious change in your diet? I mean, like more than just stopping the gluten (AND soy... It's THE BIGGEST contaminator! Seriously.)...? I just finished the Clean Program. Seriously- it's amazing. Go to thecleanprogram.com, and read about it all. I did not buy any of the products they sell. You can do it all w your own products (which I can tell you about). The program has you eat specific foods, and avoid all of the allergen producing foods. It allows your body/system to reset, and then detox. Like some of the others have said, it's a way to find out what other things you may be reacting too. Again- you may already know all of this, or have tried an elimination diet, etc. Just thought I'd mention this one, along w the soy issue. Also- are you taking an antihistamine of any sort? I had full body hives for the past year (prior to finding out I had Celiac). A specialist I saw told me it was perfectly safe to load up on antihistamines to "retrain my body to stop producing histamine". So, I took Allegra 180 3-4 times a day. It really helped them to stop. Have you seen an allergy/asthma specialize? He/she might be able to tell you more. I will want to help you! I called myself Quasimodo because I was so deformed that I couldn't leave the house either :/.

I wanted to know- what is "tonne", that you said you ate for 2 months?

I've definitely done a serious diet change in the last two months.. before I cut out gluten - I pretty much only ate gluten! I've always been underweight, but I am(was) a carb-oholic. I think I ate more whole wheat pasta, bread, crackers.. etc. than anyone I know!
I've never been able to eat soy (estrogen sensitive) so I pretty much avoid it all together anyways. However, I'm definitely going to check out the clean program right now, I'm having trouble figuring out what to eat these days so that will definitely help!

To clarify - the 'tonne' that I ate in the last few weeks wasn't 'great'.. mainly rice, beans (my mother is on 'the rice diet' so these things are always available and what I usually eat regardless. I definitely wasn't eating enough vegetables/fruit though.

Thank you for the antihistamine advice! That also sounds like an excellent idea - I'll try one out for a while and see if it helps at all. Unfortunately there aren't any allergy specialists in my area and the naturopath is currently unaffordable, but I'm looking to move soon anyways and hopefully can get in contact with someone who can help figure this all out! Until then perhaps the 'clean' diet will reveal some more intolerances/allergies and help me get whatever this is out of my system. :D!

So far the crazy outbreak of whatever is still going strong :/ guh. *fingers crossed*
Thank you so much for all of your recommendations!!!

In Topic: Insane Detox?

26 December 2012 - 05:31 PM

After reading your post, I was doing a little researching about your painful acne. I've been dealing w eczema, and I don't really understand why....really hoping it will go away :/. Anyway, you may have already figured this out, but do you think the acne really could be "Dermitis Herpetiformis"? Sounds like its pretty painful :(

I really hope your eczema goes away too.. I used to have that CONSTANTLY (and in weird places, sides of my arms, jaw line, stomach..??!) I just started researching Dermititis Herpetiformis, and I think it's possibly what I'm dealing with.. right now some of the spots look a bit too cystic/nodular so I think a lot of it is still acne.. but who knows! maybe it's an awful combination of both at this point.

It's bad enough today (face, neck, chest, back, arms) to keep me in the house.. since my mother even said .. WOAH DO YOU HAVE MEASLES OR SOMETHING?!?!

*sigh* keeping fingers crossed that this isn't some kind of new normal. Good luck with your eczema. I found the really thick 'Eucerin Original Creme' helped keep mine in some kind of manageable state.

In Topic: Insane Detox?

24 December 2012 - 09:20 AM

Thank you everyone - it is definitely uplifting to hear such positive outcomes!! I'd never wish this on ANYONE, but it is really nice to not feel alone.

The acne has been horrific, mainly because it is of the extremely large and scarring cystic variety that actually made it too painful to sleep some nights! *fingers crossed there isn't much left of that!*
I forgot to add that during the strange 'missed period' time I had INTENSE night sweats. Normally, I get 'sweaty' a day or two before my period, but this time I was waking up soaked for weeks on end. I'm not even 30 and I was almost sure I had suddenly hit menopause.. cue panic attack!

That has died down thus far and I'm hoping that continues (I'm sure if any of you have experience that.. the soaking sweats are a bit awkward ...nevermind gross, cold, dehydrating etc.)

ravenwoodglass - I didn't even think of checking my personal care products - I will DEFINITELY be super sleuth this afternoon and throw out any offending shampoos/creams etc.

Also, thank you Mushroom and Nvsmom - You definitely put my mind at ease today. This gluten stuff sure is crazy.

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